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Sprocket Rocket

This is a camera dedicated to those uniquely analogue sprocket holes. The Sprocket Rocket features a super-wide lens that flawlessly exposes the whole width of the 35mm film.

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Sprocket Rocket

Experiment with the world's first panoramic wide-angle 35mm camera dedicated to sprockets.

Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Pink

Expose your sprockets as you open your eyes and broaden your perspective with the super-wide panoramic lens of the Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Pink.

Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit

This adapter kit makes it possible to use the Fritz the Blitz flash with any camera equipped with a tripod thread and hotshoe adapter.

Fritz the blitz 2.0

Pick up Lomography’s most powerful flash ever and achieve well-lit photographs using its three power settings and color filters!

Diana Flash Black

Add this vintage-cool flash to your Diana F+—or any camera with a hot-shoe mount. Try it on its own or with one of the included color filters.

Diana Flash Metallic Blue

The Diana F+ Flash Metallic Blue not only looks cool, it also pops a beam of colored light. Color filters for you to play with are included!

DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask

Take full control of scanning those special Lomographic formats with the DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask.

Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Azure

Snap wide-angled 35mm photos and create super-easy multiple exposures with this special edition of the Sprocket Rocket!

Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Yellow

Take in a whole lot more with this super-wide panoramic lens and the possibility to expose your sprockets in Superpop Yellow!

Colorsplash Flash Chakras Edition

Make your photos extra-colorful! The Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition pops a beam of colored light to your photos, day and night.

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