LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera

LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera

Meet the LomoApparat, the totally EXPERIMENTAL, incredibly WIDE and super EASY TO USE 35 mm film camera with a 21 mm wide-angle lens!
  • Step out of reality and fit everything in the frame with the 21 mm wide-angle lens
  • Snap around the clock and get analogue crazy with a built-in flash and colored gel filter slider
  • Use the 0.2 m close-up lens attachment to get closer… and closer
  • Try the Kaleidoscope and Splitzer lens attachments for unpredictable experimental effects and unique multiple-exposure composition
Film Format: 35 mm
Focal Length: 21 mm
Available Apertures: f10
Shutter Speed: 1/100 (N), Bulb (B)
Flash: Built In Flash
Available ISO Settings: No ISO Adjustment
Multiple Exposure: Yes
Tripod Mount: Yes
Cable Release: No
Battery: 1 × AA
SKU: la121ps

In stock

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With a unique colored gel filter slider design and included colored gel filters so you can add color splash effects across your frames anytime, anywhere.

“I think the LomoApparat is a wonderful general-use camera, which is part of its beauty. Everyone could stand to whip a featherweight wide shooter around.”
Ben Fraternale

Fixed aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings so you can focus on the fun and let the camera do the complicated stuff.

Fit everything in the frame with a 21 mm wide-angle lens. Panoramas, group shots and more – get experimental with new and interesting angles!

Create your own analogue reality with Bulb and MX creative shooting modes to experiment with lights and layers for totally unique photos at all times of the day and night.

For photos in a flash the built-in flash is always on so you get a perfect exposure every time.

“I’m very excited. Whether it’s a camera or a newly produced film it really heals people who love film photography. I’m very happy that Lomography has been able to keep pushing the film industry forward.”
Anon Submoon

Step out of the real world and into the unknown with the Kaleidoscope lens attachments for totally trippy results.

When you need to get super close slide on the 0.2 m close-up lens attachment to enter a crazy close-up world.

Slice and dice your frames into bite-sized bits and pieces with the Splitzer lens attachment.

“This camera is easy to operate and I will definitely take it everywhere with me! I can shoot everywhere, without any limitations.”
Zheng Ding Han

Imagination never takes a day off. Have a flick through the included booklet for inspiration, tipsters and more!

The wide-angle LomoApparat is a fun 35 mm throwback
— Stuff

New to the analogue world? If you want to learn more about film formats, get clued up on film-photography lingo and more, then download our Quick Guide to Analogue Photography and you’ll be an expert in no time!

21 mm is becoming a very popular focal length for many applications such as street photography, reportage, and of course travel. This handy camera will also be great for parties, again to its wide focal length, you can simply capture the moment without having to step back away from the excitement to get everyone in frame.
— Digital Camera World


Get Wide, Get Weird, Get Wonderfully Analogue! Shoot out-of-this-world imagery with the LomoApparat camera. Super easy to use for analogue newbies and pros alike, the LomoApparat will look cool in anyone’s hand. It’s pocket-sized but won’t stay there for long. Your authentically analogue companion for everyday film photography, shoot iconic images bursting with classic vignetting, high contrast, Lomography saturation and gorgeous film grain.

Imagination never takes a day off and with the LomoApparat you can shoot fun, simple and creative photos all day and all night. Using any 35 mm film, this everyday camera is reloadable, not disposable so once you’ve finished one roll you can go again to uncover inspiring features every time you take it out! Check out our full, unique film range.

Your Everyday Analogue Foto Apparat

Forget about dodgy disposable cameras. Stop the endless search for sub-par, second-hand gear. The LomoApparat is the answer to simple but creative analogue photography on the go! It’s always been our mission to help keep film alive. We’re constantly striving to create new and exciting analogue goodies that help our Lomographers around the world to show off their creativity and love the analogue lifestyle.

We wanted to build a new and unique portable camera, that would allow people around the world to shoot simple but creative analogue photographs whenever, wherever, and this one’s built for some serious experimental fun! We packed in a whole load of Lomographic madness inside and want you to use this analogue tool to craft the analogue universe that you want to see! Forget about any rules, ignore the viewfinder and get ready for the analogue adventures to begin!

Shoot as close as 0.5 m to your subjects with the built-in lens – make sure they don’t bite – or add the 0.2 m close-up lens for even crazier captures! Mix and match your frames with the Splitzer or get a bugs-eye view with the Kaleidoscope lens attachment. Don’t forget, however you choose to capture your adventures, you can fit everything in the frame and more – with the LomoApparat’s all-seeing 21 mm wide-angle lens. It’s a wild ride so make sure to hold on tight using the detachable metal chain wrist strap and, for even sturdier shots or at night, use a tripod.

Just when you wonder if there could possibly be more, we added a playful flash filter slider with interchangeable colored filters for colorful flash effects. Simply slide, flash, repeat! With one fixed ND flash filter for perfect exposures even with the close-up lens attachment, chop and change in the remaining slots with the included colored filters. For the crafty ones, why not make your own! If that’s still not enough and you want to get totally analogue crazy, use the MX switch for multiple exposure mayhem or Bulb shooting mode for exciting long exposure effects.

Never miss a photographic opportunity again with the LomoApparat, the ultimate companion for every analogue adventure!

Question & Answers

How close can I get with the LomoApparat Camera and Close-up Lens?
The Close-up Lens Attachment allows you to shoot from just 0.2 m to your subjects.

What batteries do I need to operate the LomoApparat?
The LomoApparat takes 1 × AA battery (not included).

Can I use a tripod with the LomoApparat?
Yes, the LomoApparat has a standard tripod thread.

Package Contents

  • LomoApparat 21 mm Film Camera
  • Detachable Metal Chain Wrist Strap
  • Lens Pouch
  • Kaleidoscope Lens Attachment
  • Splitzer Lens Attachment
  • Close-up Lens Attachment
  • Colored Gel Filters
  • Booklet
  • Online Manual

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