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Black & White Film

Going for the classic, old-school look? You can‘t go wrong with Black & White Film!

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  • Kodak BW400 CN 35mm 24 Exposures

    Kodak BW400 CN 35mm 24 Exposures

    This film brings together the elegance of black and white photography and the convenience of C-41 processing.

  • Kodak TriX B/W 400 120 Expired

    Kodak TriX B/W 400 120 Expired

    A medium format film that is suitable for tough lighting conditions! The Kodak Tri-X 400 B&W Expired allows you to push the ISO up to 1600.

  • Ilford HP5 400 35mm

    Ilford HP5 400 35mm

    Get rich blacks and sharp whites with the classic Ilford HP5400. This 35mm B&W film has strong contrast and grain.

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