MonoChrome Duet

MonoChrome Duet

Savor the classic analogue allure of black and white film with this starter kit of two of Lomography’s gorgeous 35 mm grayscale emulsions and capture monochrome moments come rain or shine! Packaged in irresistible, individual tin cans, each pack comes with a surprise Lomography keychain!
  • Give your 35 mm photography the monochrome treatment
  • Sample Lady Grey ISO 400 and Earl Grey ISO 100 films
  • Add a touch of class and contrast to your shots
  • Discover a high dynamic range and sophisticated tonal spectrum
  • Explore unlimited creative possibilities
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Get experimental with alternative development techniques

Get a taste for monochrome with two different black and white emulsions.

Free miniature keychain inside! Either a Lomo LC-A, Diana Pink or Diana Glow awaits.

Discover your ISO. Try two different ISO emulsions, 100 and 400, and find your shooting style.

Easy to develop both in the lab or at home with black-and-white processing.

Lomography Film Guide including development chart, storage instructions and shooting tips for each film to help you achieve great results.

Give the gift of film. This selection pack makes the perfect gift for yours truly or a loved one.

Individually wrapped in irresistible tin cans for easy transport and safekeeping.

The ideal black and white starter kit for analogue beginners.


For the first time ever, you can try out two of our bold black and white 35 mm films in one pack, packaged in irresistibly individualized tin cans and complete with a free legendary Lomography Keychain. Whether you’re seeking to delve into the captivating world of film but don’t know where to start or you’re after that edgy monochrome energy, look no further than the Monochrome Duet. The ultimate starter pack, refill or gift, get ready for unlimited creative experimentation in all lighting conditions and embrace the timeless analogue charm of black and white photography.

Lomography Lady Grey B&W 35 mm ISO 400

This glamorous grayscale knows how to add a touch of class to any situation. With a high dynamic range and sophisticated tonal spectrum, she can produce an unrivaled array of gorgeous gray tones – rendering your photographs with an elegant aesthetic, rich in sharp detail and subtle contrast. Her medium light sensitivity of ISO 400 allows her to perform well under any lighting condition making her the perfect choice for your adventures come rain or shine.

Lomography Earl Grey B&W 35 mm ISO 100

This majestic monochrome will show you a royally good time. With a high dynamic range and strong tonality, he can produce bold blacks and bright whites in equal measure – rendering your photographs in a classic aesthetic, rich in robust transitions and high contrast. His low light sensitivity of ISO 100 means he likes it best outdoors where there is plenty of sunshine, just add a flash if you are shooting inside.


Black and White film is perfect for self-development at home – check out the Lady Grey B&W Film Guide and the Earl Grey B&W Film Guide for more information.

You can use any B&W Film Developer with this film. If the specific developing time you are looking for is not provided in our Film Guide, then we suggest you use the standard developing time and dilution stated in the developer instructions. Just remember that using the standard developer times is always a bit of an experiment – but hey, that’s half the fun.

Package Contents

  • One roll of Lomography Lady Grey B&W 35 mm ISO 400 in a tin can
  • One roll of Lomography Earl Grey B&W 35 mm ISO 100 in a tin can
  • Lomography keychain