Earl Grey B&W 120 ISO 100

Earl Grey B&W 120 ISO 100

Add a touch of class and contrast to your shots with this majestic black and white film.
  • Take the Earl out on a day trip for best results
  • Low light sensitivity of ISO 100
  • Panchromatic emulsion with fine grain
  • High density and dynamic range
  • Great for punchy portraits and bright outdoor photography
Film Size: 120
Film Type: Black & White Negative
ISO: 100
DX Code: No
Development Process: B&W
Exposures per roll: 10–16 (depending on format)
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A monochrome fit for the monarchy, this film will imbue your shots with noble nostalgia.

High dynamic range for rich blacks and bright whites with gorgeous greys in between.

Available in 35 mm and 120 format for multiformat monochrome masterpieces.

Choose medium format film for more resolution and detail in your shots.

A panchromatic emulsion sensitive to all wavelengths of visible light so the black and white image you capture will be faithful to the full-color scene you saw.

Sharp, distinct tonality for strong transitions and high contrast.

A sucker for the sunshine, Earl Grey performs best under lots of natural light. Just add a flash if you’re shooting indoors.

Lomography Film Guide including development chart, storage instructions and shooting tips to help you achieve great results.

Easy to develop both in the lab or at home with the standard black and white process.

Produces distinct results with different development processes.


This majestic monochrome will show you a right royal good time. With a high dynamic range and strong tonality, he can produce bold blacks and bright whites in equal measure – rendering your photographs with classic aesthetics rich in robust transitions and high contrast. His low light sensitivity of ISO 100 means he likes it best outdoors where there is plenty of sunshine, just add a flash if you are shooting inside.

Lomography Earl Grey and Lady Grey are black and white film royalty. They both cherish the finer things in life, including classic cinematic aesthetics and all things nuanced nostalgia. Where Lady Grey opts for subtle sophistication, Earl Grey packs a little more contrast into the picture. Pick up one of these monochromatic members of the monarchy and douse your shots in timeless black and white charm.


Black and White film is perfect for self-development at home – check out the Earl Grey B&W Film Guide for more information.

You can use any B&W Film Developer with this film. If the specific developing time you are looking for is not provided in our Film Guide then we suggest you use the standard developing time and dilution stated on the developer instructions. Just remember that using the standard developer times is always a bit of an experiment – but hey, that’s half the fun.

Package Contents

  • Three rolls of Earl Grey B&W 120 ISO 100 film