SuperSampler Black Panther

SuperSampler Black Panther

Sample your subject in four fantastic panoramic panels with this awesome 35 mm film camera.
  • Four beady-eyed panoramic 24 mm lenses
  • Two shutter-speeds and a fixed focal length
  • Two timespan modes between exposures
  • Patented quick rip-cord for easy film advance
Film Format: 35 mm
Focal Length: 24 mm
Available Apertures: f11
Shutter Speed: 1/100 – Standard Exposure mode: 4 pictures in 2 sec, High-Speed mode: 4 pictures in 0.2 sec
Flash: No Flash
Available ISO Settings: No ISO Adjustment
Multiple Exposure: No
Tripod Mount: No
Cable Release: No
Battery: No Battery Needed
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Go for a high ISO film. Whether its colour negative, slide, redscale, or black & white – we recommend ISO 800 for all lighting conditions.

To shoot the Supersampler, you have to pull a ripcord (seriously). It’s especially great for action shots.
— Business Insider

No batteries required for a fabulously fuss-free, uninterrupted analogue experience.

[…] it forces me to think like Picasso, exquisite results not guaranteed. In-camera cubism has made its way into film photography and it’s a lot of fun.
— Analog.Cafe

Slice the action four ways and sample your subject in four fantastic panoramic panels.

Contemporary and majestic – this all-black beauty has four razor-sharp 24 mm lenses and shoots sequential images onto a single frame of film.

Patented quick rip-cord design for easy film advancing.

Two timespan modes between exposures. Choose between four exposures in two seconds or four exposures in 0.2 seconds depending on the speed of the action in front of you.

More room for manoeuvre. The SuperSampler stuffs more energy, life, enthusiasm, momentum and movement into the frame for photos that really tell a story.

Viewfinder, schmewfinder. The SuperSampler embraces the quintessentially Lomographic “don’t think, just shoot” approach. Whilst the aim of the external viewfinder is to help you to estimate a shot, the art of true Supersampler success lies in sunshine and spontaneity.

Uses 35 mm film and there’s loads of that around. Check out our full, unique film range.


Just like its namesake, this quadruple-tastic camera is rare and majestic. With four beady-eyed panoramic 24 mm lenses at your fingertips you can prowl through the jungle of life and immortalize the wildlife, highlife, big city life, you-only-get-one life action around you into four fantastic panoramic panels within every frame.

This ultra-lightweight, easy-to-use 35 mm camera is ready for some seriously-spontaneous shooting. Aim the SuperSampler at your moving (or non-moving) subject, pull the ripcord, press the button – and voila! Results are especially cool if your subject is in hyperactive motion. Or, if you prefer to shoot non-moving objects, you can be the one doing the jumping and moving.

Package Contents

  • SuperSampler Camera
  • Instruction manual