Lomography Ringflash

Lomography Ringflash

Achieve the perfect results, surround your lens with a burst of perfectly-even light with the Ringflash!
  • Trigger the Ringflash with the included Hotshoe Sync cord or your camera’s onboard flash
  • Solid-colored diffuser rings and multiple color gels
  • Plastic adapters are included to use the Ringflash with the Fisheye, Fisheye 2, LC-A, LC-A+, Diana F+ & Holga Color Flash Cameras
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The Lomography Ringflash completely surrounds your lens and throws a burst of perfectly even light onto your subject. This makes for fantastic close-up portraits with a signature look.

Package Contents

  • Lomography Ringflash
  • Hot-shoe Sync Cord
  • 4 Solid Color Rings (white-diffusor, red, blue, yellow)
  • 12 Color Gel Filters
  • 5 Camera Adapters (LC-A/LC-A+, Holga, Diana F+, Fisheye, Fisheye No.2)
  • Editorial Booklet