Lomo’Instant Splitzer

Lomo’Instant Splitzer

Slice and dice your Lomo’Instant images to get totally intriguing, innovative and exciting instant snaps!
  • Compatible with your Lomo’Instant camera
  • Chop and change your instant imagery with this clever lens attachment
  • Use colored filters with the Splitzer for even more fun
  • Double, triple, quadruple vision – what will you create?
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Step up your instant image game and get even more experimental with the Lomo’Instant Splitzer Lens Attachment. Slice and dice your instants into two, three, four or even more! A quarter of you, half of your pet, an eighth of your favorite view – let’s create some seriously crazy, Frankenstein-esque instant imagery!

Question & Answers

Is the Splitzer Lens Attachment Compatible with my Lomo’Instant Automat or Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Camera?
No, the Lomo’Instant Splitzer is solely compatible with Lomo’Instant cameras only.

Package Contents

  • Lomo’Instant Splitzer