Lomo’Instant Automat All you need Bundle

Lomo’Instant Automat All you need Bundle

This bundle includes everything you need to kickstart your Lomo’Instant Automat adventure!
  • Sit back, relax and let this classic camera do the work for you
  • Fully automatic aperture, shutter speed and flash
  • Fisheye, Wide-angle and Close-up lens attachments
  • Super easy to use with endless experimental features
  • FREE Light Painter, Leather Wrist Strap and Fotoclips
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All you need for an instant photography adventure like never before, this bundle includes the Lomo’Instant Automat Camera of your choice, complete with Fisheye, Wide-angle and Close-up Lens Attachments, a double pack of Fujifilm Instax Mini Film plus a FREE Lomography Light Painter, Leather Wrist Strap and Fotoclips!

Lomo’Instant Automat Camera and Lenses

This uber-creative camera makes taking immaculate instants easy – automatically adjusting its settings to your surroundings, it snaps perfectly lit, flawlessly focused shots anytime, anywhere. Super easy to use; choose your focal length and off you go. The fully automatic aperture, shutter speed and flash output mean you can focus on the action whilst the Lomo’Instant Automat & Lenses do the rest for you. If you do want to take a moment to compose the perfect shot, then the experimental shooting modes and exposure compensation controls let you make minor adjustments at the click of a button to produce impeccably lit instants even in low-light situations. What’s more, with Fisheye, Close-up and Wide-angle lens attachments, this is a totally versatile instant camera ready for any action you throw its way!

Time to Accessorize

Hold on tight to your precious camera with the stylish Leather Wrist Strap, get experimental after-dark with the Light Painter and display your awesome Instants using the Fotoclips. This bundle of joy also comes with a double pack of Instax Mini Film, so you’re ready to start shooting straight away! Ready? It’s Lomo’Instant time!

Lomography instant cameras match reliable results with a whole heap of creative freedom. Craft long and multiple exposures with ease, slip a colored gel filter over your flash for rainbow-colored renderings, master unbeatable selfies with built-in mirrors and remote control shutter releases or use specialty lens attachments for truly outstanding images. Best of all, Lomography instant cameras shoot on Fujifilm Instax film – affordable and easy to get hold of no matter where you are in the world – so you can take these magic little memory-makers with you on any adventure, near or far.