Take full control of scanning your regular 35 mm, 120 and special format negatives with your digital camera and the DigitaLIZA+ Scanning Kit.
  • An all-in-one modular system for simple scanning using your digital camera.
  • Featuring 35 mm and 120 film holders, with a built-in backlight.
  • Scan 35 mm, 120 and even 127 negatives, as well as special formats like overlapping exposures or exposed sprocket holes.
  • Enjoy smooth, fast workflows at home or on the go with this compact scanning system.
  • Scan your images exactly the way you want to control the overall look of your photo.
Scannable Film Size: 35 mm with Sprockets, 35 mm, 120, 127
Scanning Device: dSLR Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras
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An All-in-one Film Scanning Solution featuring 35 mm and 120 film holders.

Scan Special Formats like overlapping exposures, endless panoramas and exposed sprocket holes.

The way I shoot my photos are very layered and abstract so having the freedom to scroll back and forth gives me more variety then what film labs offer me.
Angela Izzo

Take Control Over Your Scans. Set your own workflows and camera settings to get your scans exactly the way you want them.

Use the Built-in Backlight for super-simple scans or, if you prefer, use your own external light source with the 35 mm film carrier.

Effortlessly scan regular formats like 35 mm, 120 and even 127 negatives in minutes.

A compact and lightweight system so you can get scanning at home or on the go, without any fuss.

Make Scanning Fun Again and enjoy super smooth scanning with the advancing knob on the 35 mm film holder.

Lomography’s DigitaLIZA scanners could well strike just the right balance of fast, cost-effect film scanning, while your preferred digital camera or smartphone provides high digitizing quality.
Digital Camera World

Achieve High-resolution Scans using any digital camera with the DigitaLIZA+ and a tripod or copy stand.

Including a standard 35 mm mask for an even faster workflow.

With Anti-slip Pads to ensure everything stays in place for easy scanning.


For a fast, simple and fun approach to film scanning, take charge of your precious negatives and create effortless, high-resolution scans with the Lomography DigitaLIZA+ and your digital camera. The modular system features a 120 film holder with a built-in backlight, a 35 mm film holder with an advancing knob and a removable spirit level to make sure everything stays on the straight and narrow – or not… who are we to tell you what to do!

Choose your own camera settings to control how you want your images to look – show off the colors, tones and contrasts the way you want and get the crop just right. It’s your aesthetic, your scan. Film scanning has never been so easy.

For scanning with your smartphone, choose the DigitaLIZA Max , which comes with all these fab features plus a Smartphone Stand compatible with all smartphones.

Let’s Get SCANdalous

No more negatives, it’s time to get totally SCANtastic with the Lomography DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA Max Film Scanning Kits. Take control of your precious film negatives and create scans exactly the way you want, using these modular scanning kits with your digital camera or smartphone.

Just hold me tight and scan me true…Both kits include regular 35 mm and 120 film holders, with a built-in backlight for effortless scanning. We even included a 127 film mask and a 35 mm panoramic diffuser that can be used to spread light evenly throughout your frame. What’s more, based on our much-loved original DigitaLIZA scanning masks, we made sure that you can scan special formats like overlapping exposures, endless panoramas or exposed sprocket holes just as easily with our scanning kits.

Tested by photographers all around the world, both beginners and experienced film scanners can enjoy fast scanning workflows with our all-in-one film scanning kits, without the usual headache of setting up complicated systems that hinder your creative process. It’s time to make film scanning fun again!

Question & Answers

Can you tell me more about how to scan with my DigitaLIZA+ or DigitaLIZA Max?
Our scanning kits are designed to be simple for everyone to use, but if you need some help getting started or want to learn some tips and tricks then head to our website where you will find a whole page dedicated to the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA Max, to guide you through every step of the scanning process from gear recommendations to camera settings, tips for editing your images post-scan and more.

Is there a 110 film holder included?
There is no 110 film holder included with the DigitaLIZA+ or DigitaLIZA Max. We wanted to create a scanning system that makes the scanning process fast, easy and versatile. But, because 110 negatives differ so greatly in size from 35 mm and 120 formats, it was not possible to integrate a 110 film holder into the modular system whilst ensuring the unique compact and lightweight design. However, you could try experimenting with your DigitaLIZA+ or DigitaLIZA Max, such as placing a 110 negative in the 120 film holder, possibly placing dark cardboards around the frame to cover the rest of the backlight panel, and cropping it in post. If you come up with another hack or tipster, do let us know! You can also use our DigitaLIZA 110 Scanning Mask with an external light panel or flatbed scanner.

Can I use an external backlight panel with the DigitaLIZA+?
Yes, you can insert your 35 mm film into our dedicated film holder and place it on top of your own backlight panel, if you already have one. For 120 film, this is not possible as the backlight panel is built into the 120 Film Holder for a more compact system.

What are the sizes that I can scan with the 35 mm and 120 film holders?
You can scan 6×4.5, 6×6 and 6×7 frames with film borders using our 120 Film Holder. For 6×9 and 6×12 frames, stitching will be required.
With the 35 mm Film Holder, you can scan panoramic frames shot using a Sprocket Rocket, Horizon, Hasselblad Xpan and Widelux cameras.

Package Contents

  • DigitaLIZA+
  • 35 mm and 120 Film Holders
  • 35 mm Standard Film Mask
  • 35 mm Panoramic Diffuser
  • 127 Film Mask
  • Backlight Panel
  • Manual Leaflet