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Maybe you’re getting down on the dancefloor, happily snapping away at a family party or whizzing around the world to visit your favorite people and places. Whatever your story, we’ve got a wide selection of premium, experimental and creative film cameras to choose between, ready to document every one of your exciting analogue adventures.

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Lomo Lubitel 166+

Shoot like an analogue master with this loving recreation of the classic Russian twin-lens camera.

Sprocket Rocket 35 mm Panoramic Camera

Launch yourself into a new Lomographic experience with the astounding Sprocket Rocket, the world’s first panoramic wide-angle 35 mm camera dedicated to sprockets.

Spinner 360°

Create incredible 360-degree panoramic shots on 35 mm film with the pull of a cord.

HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair Camera

A 35 mm camera and liquid-filled lens that crafts extraordinary perforated panoramics. Go loopy with liquids, wild for the wetlook and crazy with colors!

Sprocket Rocket Camera 35 mm Panoramic Camera Baja Blue

Embark on a cosmic journey of creativity with the mesmerizing blue hues of the Sprocket Rocket Baja Blue. FREE Lightpainter with every order!

Sprocket Rocket 35 mm Panoramic Camera Bittersweet

Ignite your creativity with the fiery allure of the Sprocket Rocket Bittersweet – a bold and distinctive take on our iconic panoramic camera. FREE Lightpainter with every order!

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