• 35mmフィルムでショートムービーが撮影できる
  • 5 - 30秒の動画が撮影可能(フレーム数によって長さは変わります)
  • フィルムのインジケーターで残り枚数がわかる
  • クローズアップボタンで最短60cmでの撮影が可能
  • 三脚穴とホットシュー付属
フィルム: 35mm
焦点距離: 25mm
絞り: f5.6, f8, f11
シャッタースピード: 1/100
Flash: Hotshoe
ISO感度: ISO感度調整なし
多重露光: いいえ
三脚穴: はい
ケーブルレリーズ: いいえ
電池: 電池不要
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Color Negative 35mm ISO 800 3本パック


Lady Grey B&W 35mm ISO 400 3本パック


2021 LomoChrome Metropolis 35mm ISO 100–400


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Color Negative 35mm ISO 400 3本パック




LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker lets you channel your inner Charlie Chaplin.
— EnGadget

Lomography in motion. Kick it back to old-school Hollywood and bring your Lomographic stills to life!

Your name in lights. Use the hot shoe mount on the top of the LomoKino to attach your favourite flashes.

— Petapixel

Any and all 35 mm film. Load the LomoKino with any kind of 35 mm film that takes your fancy – color negative, slide, black & white – the choice is yours.

Check your progress. Use the handy volume display on the LomoKino to see how much film you have left on the roll – when the red flag pops up, the show’s over folks.

Time for your close up. Just hold down the close-up button on the front of the camera and you can focus up to 0.6 m.

Keep it steady Eddy. Attach the camera to a tripod and get ready for some steadfast Lomographic movie action.

In your own time. Rotate the advancing crank slowly for a low frame rate or fast for a higher frame rate – with the LomoKino you can shoot up to 3–5 frames per second at full speed!

Inverse-Galileo foldable viewfinder to help you keep the action in the frame.

Continuous aperture settings from f/5.6 to f/11 with no step between each aperture, so you can effortlessly adjust the aperture setting at any time during shooting.


The LomoKino is the only camera in our experimental arsenal that allows you to create short analogue movies on 35 mm film. You can shoot up to 30 seconds of silent footage per roll. It’s super compact, easy to use and bursting with retro analogue appeal.

Movie buffs among you will know that movies are made at a measurement of frames per second. The LomoKino shoots 4 frames per single frame of 35 mm film allowing the LomoKino to run at 3–5 frames per second. Being able to shoot multiple frames on a single frame of 35 mm means the movie will play back at the correct pace. So go wild and bring your Lomographic stills to life!

A Brief History of 35 mm Filmmaking

In 1892, legendary inventors Thomas Edison and William Kennedy Dickson were the first to use 35 mm film to shoot movies on their early analogue movie cameras. Over the years, all kinds of formats appeared and disappeared, but it was 35 mm that stood the test of time and became the standard film format for shooting motion pictures.

It was only later that people began to experiment with using 35 mm film in still photography cameras. It was the German optical engineer, Oskar Barnack, who would eventually be credited with popularizing the format for still photography when he invented the first of the legendary Leica 35 mm cameras. Now, 35 mm film is considered the standard film format for still photography worldwide.

The LomoKino has brought 35 mm film story full circle. When you load a fresh roll of 35 mm film into your LomoKino, you are unlocking its original movie–making potential and following in the footsteps of our greatest filmmakers past and present.

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  • LomoKino 本体
  • フォトブック
  • 取り扱い説明書


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