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Simple Use Film Camera 3-Pack Bundle

Simple Use Film Camera 3-Pack Bundle

Get All the fun features of the Simple Use Film Cameras in a 3-pack bundle and save 5%!


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Introducing the Simple Use Film Camera 3-Pack Bundle! Pre-loaded with three different film choices and packed with fun features, this bundle will make any analogue adventure one to remember. Why choose one Simple Use Film Camera when you can have all three?

Get 36 frames of pure analogue fun with every disposable camera. Alternate shots and Color Gel flash filters as you switch from one camera to the other. Create classy black and whites, go for the classic color shots or experiment with the eye-popping LomoChrome Purple!


  • Analogue Made Easy: Lomography’s Simple Use Film Camera is preloaded with film so you can start shooting straight away.
  • Filled with Fantastic Film: This bundle comes with a disposable camera loaded with Lomography Color Negative 400, Lomography Lady Grey ISO 400, and LomoChrome Purple ISO 100-400 films
  • Get Creative with Color Gel Flash Filters: Mix and match three different Color Gel flash filters to tint your shots with one of six different colors.
  • Take Your Camera Everywhere You Go: Portable and light, the Simple Use Film Camera can easily be your go-to camera for everyday shooting.
  • Easy to Develop Your Pictures: Just hand in your film at any photo lab. It’s quick and easy to get your photos developed at the LomoLab!
  • Reload if You Dare: if you’re feeling like an analogue superstar, you can try reloading your camera once you’ve finished the preloaded film. Be careful though, loading film can be tricky and it is not covered by any warranty!

Technical Specifications:

  • Film Format: 35mm Film
  • Exposures: 36
  • Lens Focal Length: 31mm
  • Shutter Speed: 1/120s
  • Aperture: f/9
  • Focusing: 1m to Infinity
  • Flash: Built-in Flash (Press & Hold to Charge), 15-second Recycle Time
  • Battery: 1 x AA Battery
  • Dimensions (mm): 115 x 60 x 33

Press Quotes

“Lomography has some really cool and fun options now available for purchase: disposable cameras.”-The Phoblographer

“Lomography’s Simple Use camera is definitely a change of pace.”—Petapixel

“Instead of being the only option, film photography is a growing trend in the digital age. Carried by this tide, Lomography introduced another set of cameras for the film lovers – the Simple Use Film Camera.”—DIY Photography

“Lomography never rests. Fresh off last month’s introduction of the Lomo’Instant Camera, Lomo has taken the wraps off of yet another camera: the Simple Use Film Camera.”—Hypebeast

“Champion of film Lomography has made exploring the 35mm format that much more accessible today, though, launching a trio of super-cheap cameras, preloaded with its dreamy films, that even the most inexperienced of photographers can easily get to grips with.”—Engadget

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