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Take timeless and dramatic photos on 120 film with ease. Create stunning soft-focused images and customize it with sweet lenses or even an instant back for additional effects and flexibility.

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Diana F+ Camera and Flash

Fitted with a fantastic flash, this creative analogue camera will light up your world. Shoot dreamy, color drenched images on 120 film!

Diana F+ Camera and Flash Nami Edition

Slip into tranquil Seigaiha seas and enjoy the art of medium format photography with this Japanese-inspired Diana F+ Edition.

Diana+ 75mm Premium Glass Lens

Use this premium glass lens to achieve ultra-sharp shots with the signature Diana colors.

Diana F+ Camera and Flash (10 Years of Diana Edition)

Lomography’s leading lady is back with a brand new look! Shoot stunning lo-fi shots on this super creative medium-format camera.

Diana 55mm Wide-Angle & Close-Up Lenses

Shoot gorgeous wide-angle and extremely close-up images with your Diana F+ and this lens.

Diana SLR Lens Adapter—Nikon Mount
Diana SLR Lens Adapter—Nikon Mount

Adapt your Nikon SLR camera to the Diana F+ aesthetic with this lens adapter!

Regular Price: US$14.00

Special Price: US$7.00

Diana+ 35mm Back

Shoot all types (color, slide, B&W) of 35mm film with your Diana F+ camera.

Diana+ Flash Adapter

The Diana+ Flash Adapter attaches into the Diana camera body, to give you access to hotshoe and flash options!

Flash Cable Fritz the Blitz to PC Connector

This cable allows you to use the Fritz the Blitz Flash with any 110 camera.

Diana F+ Camera and Flash (Cortina Edition)

Snap your happy memories with the medium format Diana F+ Cortina—our special winter edition camera, available in limited units only!

Diana 75 mm SLR Adapter Bundle

Get the dreamy Diana look on your Canon EOS or Nikon F camera with this incredible bundle!

Diana+ 75 mm Glass Lens SLR Bundle
Diana+ 75 mm Glass Lens SLR Bundle

Grab this bundle and get your choice of Diana SLR adapter for FREE!
With the Diana Glass Lens SLR Bundle you will get everything you need to shoot your new Diana+ Premium Glass Lens (and all other Diana F+ Accessory Lenses) with your Nikon / Canon DSLR camera.

Diana F+ Camera and Ringflash Bundle
Diana F+ Camera and Ringflash Bundle

Save 50% on the Ringflash when you add this bundle to your cart today!
Get perfectly lit, dreamy, color-drenched images on 120 film with the Diana F+ Camera and Ringflash bundle!

Diana Flash Black

Add this vintage-cool flash to your Diana F+—or any camera with a hot-shoe mount. Try it on its own or with one of the included color filters.

Diana 110mm Telephoto Lens

Take dreamy long-distance images with this special-effect lens for use with the Diana F+.

Diana Deluxe Kit

Grab this kit and experiment with over 200 possible accessory combinations for your Diana F+.

Diana F+ Camera and Flash (Mr. Pink Edition)

Take seductive, soft-focused shots and pulsating vignettes on 120 film with this pink wrapped Diana F+.

Regular Price: US$99.90

Special Price: US$84.92

Lomography Camera Strap - Splash

Take your camera everywhere you go with this stylish blue camera strap.

Lomography Light Painter

When you use this handy tool, the world is your canvas and you are the artist. Try its different color modes and start light painting!

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