Smartphone Scanner

Smartphone Scanner

Scan and share your 35 mm film photographs with your smartphone using this portable and easy-to-use scanner.
  • Scan and share your special negatives in seconds
  • Direct light panel for crystal clear color and details
  • Portable and light for on-the-go photographers
  • Unrivaled speed, convenience and ease
  • Scans every type of 35 mm film you can think of
Scannable Film Size: 35 mm
Scanning Device: Mobile Phone
SKU: z100scan

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Take full control of scanning your regular 35 mm, 120 and special format negatives with your digital camera and the DigitaLIZA+ Scanning Kit.

DigitaLIZA Max

Take full control of scanning your 35 mm, 120 and special format negatives using your smartphone or digital camera and the DigitaLIZA Max Scanning Kit.



A very enjoyable way to digitize your wild-style shots taken with the ActionSampler, Sprocket Rocket, La Sardina, HydroChrome, Diana F+ and other creative cameras.

Talk about bridging the old and new schools of thought, where analogue photographers and retro-enthusiasts are able to jump aboard the digital bandwagon without missing a beat.
— Ubergizmo

Introduce your precious Lomographs to the digital world with unparalleled speed, convenience and ease using the Lomography Smartphone Scanner.

Perfect for sharing your shots on social media and digitally archiving your analogue antics.

Sprockets and all. Easily scan special format negatives such as sprocket hole photography and overlapping exposures.

Scan on the go. The Smartphone Scanner is small and light enough to fit in your bag or backpack, allowing you to scan films you’re on the move or away from home.

Scan all kinds of 35 mm film including color negative, color slide and black & white.

Direct light panel that illuminates your film so you can capture a high quality photo on your phone ready for archiving, sharing and even printing.

Perfect to pair with the LomoKino. Scan, stitch and edit your 35 mm movie taken with the Lomography LomoKino in record time.

Fast and super easy to use, you can digitize your negatives in three simple steps.

Dust off your old negatives. Now you can bring your childhood snaps and forgotten shots back to life!

We think this is a brilliant way of making film scanning more easily accessible. You only need your smartphone to be on your way to digitizing your childhood photos and other old memories captured before the days of digital cameras.
It used to be that scanning in film required either a flatbed scanner with a special compartment inside or a standalone scanner – neither of which were particularly cheap. Now you can do it with nothing but your phone and the Lomography Smartphone Scanner.
— Uncrate


The Smartphone Scanner offers Lomographers and analogue lovers a quick, easy and portable way to scan 35 mm films. In an instant, you’ll end up with a digital version of your film which can be archived, emailed, shared or printed with unrivaled speed and convenience.

How to use the Smartphone scanner

Using the Smartphone Scanner is as easy as one, two, three. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Turn on the Smartphone Scanner back-light and insert your film
  • Take a photo of it using your smartphone camera
  • Now edit and share your photos!

That’s it. Through the power of technology, your negatives have been digitized ready to be edited, archived and shared with the world.


The Smartphone Scanner will work with most smartphones whose camera is in the upper side-corner or in the top-center. As the Smartphone Scanner uses clamps at the side of the phone to hold the phone in place, your Smartphone should preferably have a touch-screen camera rather than a button on the side for the most seamless functionality.

Package Contents

  • Smartphone Scanner
  • Instruction manual

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