Naiad 15 mm Neptune System Front Lens

Naiad 15 mm Neptune System Front Lens

An extraordinary ultra-wide-angle lens handcrafted specifically for the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.
  • A portal to an even more powerful perspective
  • Level up your Neptune Convertible Art Lens System
  • Drench your shots in stunning detail
  • Closest focusing distance of just 1 cm
  • Whopping 135° field of view
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Exaggerated perspective effects. Look up and make the buildings around you bend. Look down and exaggerate the curvature of the earth. Rediscover your city’s finest architecture – there’s a whole world out there waiting for you.

Exceptional optical quality – every lens designed for the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System has been handcrafted using the finest glass optics.

Lightweight and compact, the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System it’s the only thing you need in your camera bag – no matter where your creativity takes you.

Compatible with six special drop-in aperture plates for extraordinary bokeh shapes including diamond, cross, teardrop, sun, star and patterned circle.

Focus on the foreground. Naiad has a closest focusing distance of 1 cm, meaning that you can get up-close and intimate with your subject. Take a step closer towards your subject, blur the background and dramatize the details.

Intensify your tones. Naiad is designed to achieve optimal tonal results so you can reduce excessive post-production work and master the amount of light that falls directly on your raw images while you shoot – without compromising colors or contrasts.

Lens hood doubles as a filter holder compatible with rectangular filters of up to 10 cm width with a maximum thickness of 2 mm.

Dual aperture system. Each Neptune System front lens works with a stopless iris diaphragm aperture mechanism to produce smooth bokeh at larger apertures and exceptionally sharp images at smaller apertures

The Neptune System is absolutely suitable for my Rock’n’Roll needs. I need something that is small and compact.
Acey Slade
Lomography has designed the base and the set of three prime lenses: 3.5/35, 2.8/50 and 4.0/80. They practically fit inside your pocket and give you versatility and good quality on the budget.
— DIY Photography
It’s not easy to find three even halfway decent name-brand lenses for under $1,000, so the versatility of Lomo’s new system might be the best thing about it at this price.
— The Verge
But what if you could also swap out the individual pieces inside that lens? That is exactly what Lomography did with the Neptune, a convertible art lens system that is essentially three prime lenses in one.
— Digital Trends


With a closest focusing distance of just 1 cm, Naiad dares you to get right up close and fill the full breadth of your frame with stunning details. But this is no ordinary 15 mm lens – Naiad produces the super strong, saturated colors and punchy contrast of the legendary Lomo look, adding a whole new aesthetic to the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System to give you even more artistic options.

With this additional front lens, the Neptune System is a more marvelous creative package than ever – with each focal length offering a radically different aesthetic, colors, and point of view – each twist challenging you to rethink your compositional skills, and see the world afresh.

The Best of Two Centuries Combined

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System pays homage to one of the fathers of photography – inventor of the first ever photographic optic lens, Charles Chevalier. A leading Parisian optician, Chevalier began designing lenses when he was little more than a teenager. In 1835, he designed a lens for Louis Daguerre’s Daguerreotype camera, and the two gave the world practical photography.

Ever the innovator, in the late 1830s Chevalier handcrafted the world’s first convertible photographic optic lens. Drawing inspiration from an 1834 telescope design, the Lunette à Verres Combinés, Chevalier aimed for the stars and invented a photographic lens system that could be taken apart and reassembled to create different focal lengths. Voilà – the convertible lens was born. As photography evolved his concept endured, with more convertible lenses being released throughout the 20th century.

Inspired by the compelling history of the convertible lens, we’ve upgraded and re-defined this classic concept with a host of new creative features to create a comprehensive lens system for a wide range of modern-day analogue and digital cameras.

Lomography Art Lens Family

Lomography Art Lenses feature the finest glass optics to produce photos that will astonish you with their colors and optical character. As well as being designed and assembled by hand, these lenses have been engineered using modern techniques and multi-coated to produce vibrant, strong, wonderful photos with a whole range of contemporary cameras. Each Lomography Art Lens brings with it a wide variety of creative possibilities, no two are the same.

Package Contents

  • Naiad 15 mm Neptune System Front Lens
  • Detachable Lens Hood/Filter Holder
  • Front and Rear Lens Caps
  • Lens Pouch
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Photo Book
  • Instruction Manual