Lomo Lubitel 166+

Lomo Lubitel 166+

Shoot like an analogue master with this loving recreation of the classic Russian twin-lens camera.
  • Shoot either 35 mm or 120 format film
  • Featuring fully manual controls for ultimate experimentation
  • The ultra-sharp, multi-coated glass lens helps you create stunning shots
  • Cable release thread, tripod mount and hot shoe flash attachment
  • Top-down viewfinder gives you a large surface to compose your image
Film Format: 35 mm, 120
Focal Length: 75 mm
Available Apertures: f4.5, f5.6, f8, f11, f16, f22
Shutter Speed: Bulb (B), 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250
Flash: Hotshoe
Available ISO Settings: No ISO Adjustment
Multiple Exposure: Yes
Tripod Mount: Yes
Cable Release: Yes
Battery: No Battery Needed
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Step back in time with this retro-revival twin-lens-reflex.
— Digital Camera World

Shoot on 120 format film to craft 12 lovely medium format squares or 16 lovely landscape images on one roll.

Switch to 35 mm film and shoot vertical panoramic images with exposed sprocket holes and endless panoramas.

Easy zone-focus mode which snaps to the familiar LC-A+ distance settings of 0.8 m, 1.5 m, 3 m and infinity, allowing you to truly 'be fast'.

I love the new and vastly improved ground glass screen with the fresnel viewfinder and split-image micro-prism on the Lomography Lubitel 166+. Focusing and composition on the original Lubitels was a nightmare and something of a hit and miss affair.
— Rod Edwards

Standard hot shoe flash attachment so you can use any standard hot shoe flash with your camera and explore every avenue of interesting artificial light images.

Take intense portraits and close-up shots with the 0.8 m close focusing distance.

Take shake-free long exposures using the cable release and tripod attachment. If you don’t have a tripod, place the camera on a steady surface and shoot away!

The split image focusing system allows me to use the camera in many dynamic situations.

Play around with multiple exposures. Fire away as many times on the same frame as you like or rewind your film before the end of the roll. Trade film rolls with a friend, rewind to a past frame and shoot on it again.

Get perfectly exposed shots every time with the help of two handy exposure guides – one aperture-priority, one shutter-priority – printed right on your camera for reference.

Take carefree and candid snapshots using the top-down viewfinder. Compose your image by peering down into this and adjusting the focus knob. When you’re staring at your feet, most folks don’t even realize you’re pointing the camera at them.


Lubitel Legacy

The first Lomo Lubitel camera was created in Russia in 1946. Its name, meaning ’amateur’ in Russian, reflected its simplicity. With a twin-lens design (one lens for viewing the scene and one for shooting it) and plastic body, this fully manual and inexpensive medium format camera put pro-quality images within the reach of the Soviet public.

The Lubitel 166+ is Lomography’s loving recreation of this Soviet-era classic. The body was re-cast using a copy of the original mold, the gorgeous glass lens was meticulously rebuilt and the bright colors, bold contrast and exceptional sharpness of the original coated glass Lubitel lens have all been faithfully reproduced. The Lubitel 166+ also has a host of brand-new features, including the ability to shoot BOTH medium format and 35 mm film.

An Analogue Experience

The overall feeling of shooting a Lubitel 166+ is thoughtful, intimate and quite romantic. Not to mention humorous, straight-forward, intense, atmospheric, centered, focused, strange, light, silent, surprising, passionate and amateurish in the best sense of the word! Whether you’re a twin-lens veteran or completely new to the manual thing, the Lubitel 166+ will take your hand and guide to through photographic possibilities that you could have never imagined!

The Lubitel 166+ is simply the camera for people who love and adore life! Its manual controls are easy and satisfying to learn. Its light plastic body makes it the ideal daily companion. As one of the last twin-lens cameras still under production – and one of the cheapest pro-quality medium format cameras on the market – the Lubitel 166+ is an incredible value and an exciting new tool for analogue photographers across the world.

Package Contents

  • Lomo Lubitel 166+ Camera
  • Lubikin 35 mm kit
  • Lens Cap
  • Manual Card

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