Simple Use Try Them All Bundle

Simple Use Try Them All Bundle

Why choose one when you can have all five? Try one of each of our creative Simple Use Reloadable Film Cameras, pre-loaded with five different film choices and packed with fun features!
  • Try one of each of our preloaded cameras
  • Reloadable for limitless escapades on 35 mm film
  • Pocket-sized, portable and easy to use
  • An analogue alternative to your daily digital grind
  • Perfect for parties, road trips, weddings and more
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Reloadable, not disposable, this nifty little camera offers all the fun of an 80s disposable without the waste – woohoo.

Shoot, reload, repeat so the fun will never end. Easily reload your camera once you’ve finished your first roll with any 35 mm film you can find.

Uses 35 mm film and there’s loads of that around. Check out our full, unique film range

Pocket-sized and light it’s perfect for parties, road trips, weddings and more.

Start shooting straight away with this preloaded camera, perfect for those trigger-happy sharpshooters with time to waste.

Built-in flash so you can immortalize the moment come rain or shine, day or night.

Shoot from the hip and see what happens when you take the shot from an unexpected angle, your photos will thank you for it.

Get your photos developed easily at any photo lab, or try developing yourself at home. It’s quick and simple no matter where you are in the world.

Give the gift of analogue with this Simple Use bundle!


Capture every moment on 35 mm film with these creative reusable film cameras. Keep all five for yourself or share them with friends and family, this bundle is a great choice for discovering a wide spectrum of exciting effects!

Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera B&W
Preloaded with Lomography Lady Grey B&W ISO 400 film, this panchromatic emulsion renders beautiful black and white shots with a sophisticated tonal spectrum whether you are shooting under sunny or cloudy conditions. Add a touch of class to your images with this glamorous greyscale.

Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Color Negative 400
Render every shot with that classic Lomography look – standout saturation, dazzling colors and stunning sharpness. You’ll get beautiful, bright shots with a classic analogue finish!

Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Lomochrome Purple
This trippy emulsion boasts a delicate balance of the finest photon-reactive silver halide crystals and special color compounds that yield pastel pinks, mighty magentas, intense indigos and more.

Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera LomoChrome Metropolis
Discover desaturated colors with popping contrasts. This unique film will make your shots stand out from the crowd with masterful, moody tones and streetwise style.

Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera LomoChrome Turquoise
This turquoise treasure will take you on a trip to the magical forest of mushroom houses where everything is blue or aqua, maybe cobalt, emerald or cyan. You might even get a glimpse of gold if you look in the right places.

Reloadable Rockstar

This affordable addition to your analogue arsenal promises endless experimentation. Now you can get that shoot-from-the-hip disposable 80s aesthetic without the plastic waste. Lightweight and packed with exciting features – the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera is your new favorite ride or die companion. Perfect for freezing everyday snapshots in authentic analogue style, you can sling it in your bag, shoot with abandon, slip a color gel filter over your flash and immortalize your escapades with ease. Best of all, this resilient little number is reloadable – so you can shoot, reload, repeat. Once you’ve finished your first roll of film, simply pop in any new 35 mm film to go again and again and again. Made for street, action and creative photography – you’ll never miss a moment again.

The Simple Use Family

The first Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera was launched in 2017, since then, the Simple Use family has grown to include various editions and exciting updates. Available in five different preloaded editions including crisp Color Negative, moody Metropolis, psychedelic Purple, tantalizing Turquoise and brilliant Black & White film. Paired with the Simple Use Underwater Case, you can even get spectacular shots unda da sea. Compatible with any and all 35 mm films, enjoy never-ending antics with all the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera family.