Peacock Slide 110 ISO 200

Peacock Slide 110 ISO 200

Let your imagination take flight with this miniature format film which can deliver an impressive display of blue, green and yellow tones.
  • Shake your tail feathers in stunning slide style
  • Medium to low light sensitivity of ISO 200
  • Gorgeously grainy, especially when enlarged
  • Great for lush little landscapes and jazzy close-ups
  • We are the only people in the market producing 110 film!
Film Size: 110
Film Type: Color Slide
ISO: 200
DX Code: No
Development Process: E6 or C41 (Cross Process)
Exposures per roll: 24
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Enjoy crystal clear, true-to-life colors when you process this film in E-6 chemicals.

Project your peacocks! Slide film produces a positive image so you mount it in sealed sleeves and project onto a screen or wall for old-school viewing parties.

Use this film with any 110 camera on earth. We recommend our Diana Baby and Fisheye Baby 110 cameras!

Keep it simple. 110 format film is both perfectly palm-sized and easy to use – the undisputed go-to for all the fuss-free photographers out there.

Expect popping peacock colors including bright blue, exciting emerald and lemony yellow hues when cross-processed in C-41 chemicals.

Why Slide? Color slide film is known to produce brighter, more vibrant images than standard color negative films out there.

Bringing it back – we proudly brought 110 slide film back from the brink of extinction after years of discontinuation.

Lomography Film Guide including development info, storage instructions and shooting tips to help you achieve great results.

Choose 110 format for cute pocket-sized film that produces saturated little snaps.

Easy to develop both in the lab or at home with the standard E-6 slide or C-41 color negative processing.


Inspired by our iridescent feathered friends, this miniature format slide film dazzles with a bevy of beautiful colors. Due to its medium to low light sensitivity of ISO 200 and small exposure latitude, this film shows off its best side when strutting about in the sun. Choose E-6 chemical processing for standout saturation and vibrant hues or cross-process with C-41 chemicals for bright blue, exciting emerald and lemony yellow hues – the choice is yours, you are free as a bird.

Lomography films are known for their standout saturation, bold colors and stunning sharpness. Choose Peacock Slide 110 ISO 200 for a gorgeous display of crystal clarity or turquoise tones on the most miniature format around.

Check out our Film Guide for more information.


Slide film, also known as Positive or Reversal film, can be processed normally with E-6 chemicals or cross-processed with C-41 chemicals. Process your film with E-6 to get saturated images with vibrant true-to-life colors, or process with C-41 chemicals to get even punchier hues, higher contrast and heaps of character. Either way, just nip to your local photo lab and they should be able to process your film no problem.

If you’re up for the challenge, why not try processing your slide film at home? Sure, it’s a little trickier than processing black and white negatives but it’s also much cheaper and immensely rewarding. Check out our Magazine for the latest articles and tutorials on developing your color negatives at home and much more.

Package Contents

  • One roll of Peacock Slide 110 ISO 200 film