LomoChrome Metropolis 110 ISO 100–400

LomoChrome Metropolis 110 ISO 100–400

Unique chemical formulas set our LomoChrome color negative films apart. Moody Metropolis desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.
  • Extraordinary effects with #nofilter required
  • Extended ISO 100–400 for extra experimentation
  • An unmistakable aesthetic with characteristic grain
  • Standard C-41 development process
  • Great for gritty street scenes and punchy portraits
Film Size: 110
Film Type: Color Negative
ISO: 200
DX Code: No
Development Process: C41
Exposures per roll: 24
SKU: f210mpolis

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Stand out from the crowd, our LomoChrome films render unmatched, instantly-recognizable results – they’re unlike any other film on the market.

To my eye, LomoChrome Metropolis gets very close to the look of certain cross-processed Kodak slide films: pronounced greys and blacks, brilliant whites, a slight shift into the yellow, gold and green spectrum and clean, bright neon lights.
— Emulsive

Shoot 110 format for cute, pocket-sized film that produces desaturated little snaps.

Available in 35 mm, 120 and 110 format so you can splash this aspirational aesthetic across your standard, medium format and miniature shots.

Easy to develop at your local lab with the standard C-41 color negative processing.

Use this film with any 110 camera on earth. We recommend to try our Diana Baby 110 camera!

Mark my words right now, LomoChrome Metropolis will be an iconic film for street photographers.
— KingJvpes

Characteric grain for that nostalgic, analogue feel.

Special character color negative film, all the ease of a normal color negative with out-of-this-world effects.

One for the high-contrast lovers, this film renders fresh whites and deep, rich blacks in equal measure.

Metropolis definitely has the LomoChrome DNA in its genes and stands out from any other film with a unique colour palette and a bold look.
— On Film Only

Master of muted tones, let this color-shifting master desaturate colors, exaggerate shadows and make contrasts pop.

Lomography is making some major waves in the photo world today by unveiling the first brand new color negative emulsion to be released in half a decade.
— PetaPixel

Drop red gorgeous – look for splashes of red in your surroundings and watch as this film illuminates those crimson hues before your eyes.

I think this is one of my new favorite film stocks. It just kinda feels like a throwback to the 1930s. The colors are just so gritty and cool I love it! […] The red looks so good – I really don’t feel like I’ve seen that kind of effect with any color films before.
— Linus and His Camera


An uncompromising original color negative film straight from the Lomography film manufacturer’s laboratory. LomoChrome Metropolis, an unrivaled special formula color negative film, is built for exploring the urban jungle in all of its grit and beauty. Search for rays of color in a sea of black skyscrapers, frame your subject as they pound the streets before disappearing down sparsely lit subway staircases and freeze the relentless city in one fearless frame. Enjoy color-shifting effects rich in contrast and desaturated tones.

Lomography LomoChrome films are totally unique. With special chemical formulas and trippy emulsion concoctions, we have crafted some of the most experimental and extraordinary films on the market today. Forever committed to the continuation and advancement of analogue photography, we are proud to be one of the only companies still developing fresh, new films for contemporary photographers around the world.

Check out our Film Guide for more information.


All Lomography Color Negative films require standard C-41 processing. Just nip to your local photo lab and they should be able to process your film no problem.

If you’re up for the challenge, why not try processing your color negatives at home? Sure, it’s a little trickier than processing black and white negatives but it’s also much cheaper and immensely rewarding. Check out our Magazine for the latest articles and tutorials on developing your color negatives at home and much more.

Question & Answers

Do I have to ask the lab to take special precautions if I shoot this film with different ISO settings?
No, you can switch between different ISO settings on the same roll with no need to ask for pull/push processing at the lab. All the magic happens in-camera as you are effectively rating the film as more or less sensitive, affecting the resulting exposure times (and thus your images) as you take the shot.

Package Contents

  • One roll of LomoChrome Metropolis 110 ISO 100–400 film

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