Lomo’Instant Wide Camera Black Edition

Lomo’Instant Wide Camera Black Edition

Double the size of your instant canvas and fill your photos with wall-to-wall analogue antics.
  • Take a walk on the wide side
  • Fully automatic shutter and experimental shooting modes
  • Compatible with an array of awesome attachments
  • Super easy to use with endless experimental features
  • Uses affordable Fujifilm Instax Wide film
Instant Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Wide
Focal Length: 90 mm (35 mm equivalent)
Multiple Exposure: Yes
Auto Exposure: Advanced Auto Exposure
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The Lomography instant wide camera is a versatile photography must-have, it has amazing features and a pretty reasonable price tag.
— The Mirror

Fit more people in the frame! Instax Wide film is twice the size of Instax Mini so you can have twice the fun and frivolity with your friends.

Fully programmatic shutter which automatically determines exactly how much light is necessary for each exposure for a totally hassle-free instant experience.

Let there be light – manual flash controls mean you can decide when you want to splash a little extra flash and when you don’t.

Tripod mount for those slightly wobblier moments.

Compatible with an array of creative attachments including an ultra-wide lens, close-up lens and the splitzer so you switch up your perspective.

Super straight-forward zone-focusing so you can choose between 0.6 m, 1–2 m or infinity in one easy click stop motion.

Lomography makes the most experimental instant cameras on the market with unlimited ways to shoot for complete creative freedom.

Auto, 1/30 and Bulb shooting modes for quick snaps, flash synched photos and unlimited long exposures.

Hold the magic of instant photography in your hands within seconds. Nothing beats a bit of instant photographic gratification – no labs or development required!

Versatile 90 mm focal length for successfully sharp shots on a wide range of subjects.

Exposure compensation control so you can choose a +1/-1 brightness balance for lighter or darker shots.

Inspirational shooting tips to get your instant imagination going.

This is the instant camera for the creative one in your life.
— LA Times

Unlimited multiple exposures for luscious Lomographic layering.

Automatic f/8 and f/22 apertures for great depth of field and focus across the frame.

If you want to go on an analogue adventure, the Lomo’Instant Wide is a lot of fun to experiment with.
— The Independent

Remote control shutter release built-in to the lens cap for effortless selfies and group shots.

Colored gel flash filters for color splash effects across your frames.

Instant film lovers will fall for the Lomography Lomo’Instant Wide thanks to its manual control options, multiple exposure capability, and support for off-camera lighting.
— PCMag


The Lomo’Instant Wide Camera Black Edition sports a classic, all-black design for those who like things simple and sophisticated.

The Lomo’Instant Wide delivers twice as much fun, frivolity and frame space as any standard instant camera. With a fully programmatic shutter that automatically determines how much light is required, you can fill your wonderfully wide, extra extended frames with perfectly exposed, wall-to-wall, analogue antics. If you do want to take a little extra time to compose the perfect shot, then the experimental shooting modes and exposure compensation controls let you make minor adjustments at the click of a button to produce impeccably lit instants even in low-light situations. Get ready for the grooviest group shots and loveliest landscapes you’ve ever seen on Instax film.

Lomography instant cameras match reliable results with a whole heap of creative freedom. Craft long and multiple exposures with ease, slip a colored gel filter over your flash for rainbow-colored renderings, master unbeatable selfies with built-in mirrors and remote control shutter releases or use specialty lens attachments for truly outstanding images. Best of all, Lomography instant cameras shoot on Fujifilm Instax film – affordable and easy to get hold of no matter where you are in the world – so you can take these magic little memory-makers with you on any adventure, near or far.

Package Contents

  • Lomo’Instant Wide Camera Black Edition
  • Remote Control Lens Cap
  • Colored Gel Filters
  • Inspirational Shooting Tips
  • Instruction Manual