La Sardina Dress Orange Soda

La Sardina Dress Orange Soda

Want your La Sardina camera to match your bubbly personality? Spruce it up with the La Sardina Dress Orange Soda!
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Try something new with your La Sardina DIY and make it stand out! With the La Sardina Dress Orange Soda, you can revamp your camera with a fresh coat of orange, ready to cool you down on your snap-shooting escapades!

Analogue History in a Sardine Can

The Lomography La Sardina Camera hails back to the Kandor Candid camera, designed by the Irwin Corporation way back in the 1930s! The Kandor was part of a family of novelty cameras that channeled the sleek and classic design of the humble sardine can – only with a camera stuffed inside it! Using 127 format film – a very popular choice in the 1950s – these cameras were sold at drug stores and dime stores. Fast forward to today and in your hands is an exciting and innovative distant relation to this analogue relic. We have packed in a whole boatload of Lomographic madness inside, so this one’s built for some serious experimental fun.

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  • La Sardina Dress Orange Soda