2021 LomoChrome Turquoise 35 mm ISO 100–400

2021 LomoChrome Turquoise 35 mm ISO 100–400

Unique chemical formulas set our LomoChrome color negative films apart. Pick up this color negative film to explore a wonderland of tantalizing turquoise tones.
  • Back by popular demand with a new 2021 formula
  • Extended ISO 100–400 for extra experimentation
  • An enchanting aesthetic with fine grain
  • Standard C-41 development process
  • Explore the color spectrum like you never have before
Film Size: 35 mm
Film Type: Color Negative
ISO: 100–400
DX Code: No
Development Process: C41
Exposures per roll: 36
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“Shooting LomoChrome Turquoise is like having a fresh pair of eyes. We can now take a good look around and appreciate everyday objects before they dissolve into the background.”
Ed Choi

Stand out from the crowd. Our LomoChrome films render unmatched, instantly recognizable results – they’re unlike any other film on the market.

Back by popular demand with a brand-new 2021 formula in all formats!

“It has to be said, this film has a special something about it. The color shifts are intense to say the least. Although it’s not something I’d use every day, the results are rather pleasing and lend themselves to plenty of creative possibilities.”
— Emulsive

Extended ISO range allowing you to shoot freely and experiment with different lighting conditions.

The film has a way of making everything feel a bit apocalyptic.
— PCMag

Also available in 120 and 110 formats to enjoy endless experimentation however you choose to shoot.

Every shot is original, enchanting and a product of fantastic experimentation.

"[…] what really captured my attention was the whole world of color shifts from the Turquoise film. The shift of the shadows to blue with the greens to that amazing emerald is breathtaking […] The sharpness and fine grain of the film is astonishing."
— Photo Thinking

Easy to develop at your local lab with the standard C-41 color negative processing.

"LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100–400 is as fun and amazing as I had hoped even with my mistakes. It has amazing potential both shot regularly or very heavily overexposed as redscale type films, beyond what you would think you’d get out of it."
Robn Kester

This exciting and experimental film will take you on a trip to the magical forest of mushroom houses where everything is blue or aqua, maybe cobalt, emerald or cyan.

I think this film really challenged me. It really took me a minute to wrap my mind around what environments would look like in the ‘turquoise realm.’ The film made me spend time observing the usual places I love but completely flipped those places upside down.
Lou Guarneri


The long-lost and much-loved LomoChrome family member is back! We have received countless requests from our Community to revive this Turquoise treasure so, without further ado, meet the brand-new LomoChrome Turquoise 2021 formula! The craziest member of the color-shifting family, this turquoise treasure will take you on a trip to the magical forest of mushroom houses where everything is blue or aqua, maybe cobalt, emerald or cyan. You might even get a glimpse of gold. Whether you shoot 35 mm, 120 or 110 format, this unique film will surprise even the avid LomoChrome shooter – without the need for boring fake filters – and can be developed using the normal C-41 process so it’s super easy to get experimental.

Lomography LomoChrome films are totally unique. With special chemical formulas and trippy emulsion concoctions, we have crafted some of the most experimental and extraordinary films on the market today. Forever committed to the continuation and advancement of analogue photography, we are proud to be one of the only companies still developing fresh, new films for contemporary photographers around the world.

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All Lomography Color Negative films require standard C-41 processing. Just nip to your local photo lab and they should be able to process your film no problem.

If you’re up for the challenge, why not try processing your color negatives at home? Sure, it’s a little trickier than processing black and white negatives but it’s also much cheaper and immensely rewarding. Check out our Magazine for the latest articles and tutorials on developing your color negatives at home and much more.