120 DIY Experiment Bundle

120 DIY Experiment Bundle

Get your experimental hats on because it’s about to get totally Lomographic! Try a selection of Lomography films with the LomoMod No.1 DIY camera for endless experimentation.
  • Build your own fully-functioning medium format camera
  • Use the liquid lens for ultimate creativity
  • Try the vibrant Lomography Color Negative ISO 400 and 800 120 films
  • Discover Lomography Redscale XR 50–200 120 film
  • A perfect kit to learn all about analogue
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The ultimate experimental bundle for analogue enthusiasts and curious beginners.

This bundle includes EIGHTEEN rolls of Lomography film for endless analogue adventures in 120 format.

Easy to develop at your local lab with the standard C-41 color negative processing.

A liquid-filled lens?! Inspired by Thomas Sutton’s unconventional original, our contemporary version of this classic lets you manipulate the liquid through which the lens focuses – so fill ’er up for some truly luscious effects.

Choose medium format film for professional quality shots boasting even more resolution and detail per frame.

For fine grain and unbeatable versatility choose Lomography Color Negative ISO 400.

For moderate grain and great low-light performance choose Lomography Color Negative ISO 800.

Go for gold and render all the toasty tones you can think of from ruby reds to opulent oranges, yummy yellows and gorgeous golds with Lomography Redscale.

Fuel your medium format experiments with the LomoMod No.1 experiments and EIGHTEEN rolls of Lomography film.

LomoMod No. 1 is a truly captivating creative tool – we encourage you to experiment with analogue abandon and revel in the results!


The ultimate experimental bundle, the LomoMod No.1 comes free with TWELVE rolls of Lomography Color Negative 120 film and SIX rolls of Lomography Redscale 120 film to fuel your experiments!

Experimentation Starts Now

Lomography Redscale XR 120 ISO 50–200
From fiery reds and blazing oranges to pale yellows and subtle blues, Lomography Redscale XR ISO 50–200 film offers an opportunity to craft extraordinary images imbued with eye-catching hues. Thanks to its extended ISO range, you can vary which tones and how much grain you want to produce from shot to shot on the same roll of film. Perfectly suited for the more imaginative photographers out there, it’s ripe for multiple exposures and other unbridled experimentation.

Color Negative 120 ISO 400
Seize the moment with Lomography Color Negative ISO 400 film. Thanks to its medium ISO and fine grain, this film renders beautiful, bright shots with a classic analogue finish, poised and ready to go, no matter what the day might throw at you. A film you can truly rely on, it delivers brilliant results whether you are shooting under sunny or cloudy conditions, so get out there and let this versatile number work its magic.

Color Negative 120 ISO 800
Stay out ‘til the early hours with Lomography Color Negative ISO 800 film. Thanks to its high ISO and visible grain, this film renders eye-catching shots with an undeniably analogue finish, come day or night. Ready for any low-lighting situation you can think of, it delivers unbeatable results whether you are shooting under the sea, at a house party or beneath the starry sky, so get out there and let this speedy film light up the dark.

The LomoMod No.1
The LomoMod No.1 lets you build your own medium format camera from scratch. Using the traditions of sashimono carpentry, you can craft, bend, slot and fold your way to a fully-functioning camera with no screws or glue required. What’s more, this kit comes with a lush liquid-filled lens for aqua-inspired exploration – from coffee to cocoa, tea to Tango, each substance creates unprecedented, unpredictable effects. Push your creative potential a little further.

Sutton’s Liquid Lens

Thomas Sutton, born 1819, was an English inventor from a small town on the Island of Jersey. A wild and passionate photographer, he had ideas ahead of his time. Throughout his inspiring lifetime, Sutton conceived, designed and built many new photographic tools, among them was the first panoramic camera.

But what gave him the inspiration for this unique liquid-compatible lens? The answer: a humble snowglobe. He observed how an image could be cast onto the surface of the spherical glass casing as a result of light traveling through the water-filled orb. In a eureka moment, Sutton realized he could harness this science to create panoramic photographs. Instead of stitching multiple photos together, the Sutton Camera used a spherical water-filled lens to create panoramic images. This unique invention made him a pioneer in the development of wide-angle photography.

A Lens You Can Fill With (Almost) Any Liquid!

Inspired by Thomas Sutton’s original liquid-filled lens, we have crafted a contemporary version of the unconventional original unlike any other on earth and what’s more, you have ultimate creative control. You can manipulate the liquid through which the lens focuses, leading to a whole host of effects and deviations with which to intensify your shots.