Diana Instant Square Deluxe Kit Classic Edition

Diana Instant Square Deluxe Kit Classic Edition

Splash the legendary Diana aesthetic across standout, saturated, square instant shots and enjoy unlimited artistic freedom thanks to a stunning array of attachments included.
  • Fall head over heels in love with this analogue princess
  • Hold a cult classic in your hands and make history
  • Six specialist lens attachments for endless artistic exploration
  • Fully manual controls for unrivalled creative freedom
  • Uses affordable Fujifilm Instax Square film
Instant Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Square
Focal Length: 20 mm Fisheye, 38 mm, 55 mm & Close-up, 75 mm, 110 mm
Multiple Exposure: Yes
Auto Exposure: Fully Manual
Available Apertures: f11 (cloudy), f19 (partly cloudy), f32 (sunny)
Batteries: 4×AAA
Cable Release:: No
Instant Camera Family: Diana Instant Square
Flash: Diana Instant Square Flash Plug
Remote Control Shutter Release: No
Shutter Speed: 1/100 (N), Unlimited (B)
SKU: dsq800

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The vintage design is a bona fide design classic, brought up to date with Instagram-friendly square snaps.
— Stuff Magazine

The legendary Diana aesthetic – strong saturated colors; rich, moody vignetting; and all the unpredictable effects that made its 1960s predecessor an analogue classic – on instant film!

Uses Fujifilm Instax Square film, the most affordable and widely available Instax film on the market.

Hold the magic of instant photography in your hands within seconds. Nothing beats a bit of instant photographic gratification – no labs or development required!

Lomography makes the most experimental instant cameras on the market with unlimited ways to shoot for complete creative freedom.

What I like about the Diana Instant Square is that it takes one great camera, another great camera, and then slams them both together for an even greater camera.
Troy Memis

Fully manual for complete creative freedom. Push your photography skills to the next level and craft every frame to suit your mood.

Adjustable aperture so you can choose between f/32, f/19, f/11 and f/150 (pinhole) depending on the conditions.

Unlimited multiple exposures for luscious Lomographic layering with just one click of a button.

It’s the only instant camera with truly interchangeable lenses and like most Lomography products, offers unpredictable and often lo-fi results.
— DPreview

Super straight-forward zone-focusing so you can choose between 1–2 m, 2–4 m and 4 m–infinity with a simple twist.

She’s unpredictable, and so are you! Imperfections aren’t faults – they’re little sparks of beauty, each one captivating in its individuality. Embrace the chaos, inside and out.

Normal and Bulb shooting modes for both quick snaps and endless long exposures.

Pinhole princess – just remove the lens and snap dreamy, soft images that kick it back to the early days of photography.

Mirror mirror on the wall. Thanks to its tiny mirror above the lens, the Diana Instant Square Camera will ensure your selfies are the fairest of them all.

Five extra special lens attachments for unlimited experimentation. That’s a 110 mm telephoto lens, 75 mm lens, 20 mm fisheye lens, 55 mm wide-angle and 38 mm super-wide-angle lens. The 55 mm lens even comes with a special attachment to turn it into a glorious close-up lens!

Standard filter thread for unlimited compatibility with tons more accessories including the Lomo’Instant Square portrait and wide-angle lens attachments and neutral density, color and star filters.

Detachable optimized viewfinders for each of the specialty lenses so that you can always see exactly what’s in your frame.

Colored gel filters for color splash effects across your frames. Just slip a gel (or two!) in front of the flash and render the rainbow.

The images have a heavy vignette and are fun, quirky and refreshing in our digital age.
— The Independent


Inspired by the original 1960s medium format Diana camera, the Diana Instant Square Deluxe Kit sprinkles your shots with all the striking effects that made its predecessor an analogue classic. Shake off expectations and let this little box of magic fill your frame with unpredictable beauty. There’s no re-take, no post-production polishing – you snap the shot and seconds later you hold a beautiful picture filled with strong, saturated colors and soft, moody vignetting in your hands. The Diana Instant Square Deluxe Kit electrifies your life with lo-fi love, opening up a whole world of creativity and freedom.

A Cult Classic

It was the early 1960s. Mini skirts were swinging into fashion, and Beatlemania was taking the world by storm. In a small manufactory in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, engineers were knocking together a little camera that would change the face of photography forever.

The Diana camera was the very definition of lo-fi. It had a plastic lens that produced brilliantly blurry edges and super-soft vignetting, and flimsy housing that led to light leaks and watermarks. Each shot was unpredictable, drenched in gorgeous analogue imperfections. Its unique beauty catapulted it to stardom, with professional photographer Mark Sink using it to snap Jean-Michel Basquiat, Grace Jones and even the inimitable Andy Warhol.

You know what they say, though – nothing lasts forever – and in the late 1970s the production of the Diana slowed and eventually ceased. Nonetheless, the unlikely charm of this 1960s lo-fi beauty lived on. When we got our hands on one back in the early 2000s, we couldn’t believe our luck. Blown away by the mesmerizing images it produced, we got to work on a brand new version. In 2007, we added the Diana F+ to our ever-expanding collection of creative cameras.

We kept the strong, saturated colors and soft, moody vignetting that had us head over heels for the original, and added a touch of Lomographic love – Bulb Mode for long exposures, Multiple Exposure Mode for lush, layered effects, pinhole functionality for lens-free experiments. Now, this unmatchable aesthetic can be archived across 35 mm, 120, 110 and instant photography.

Package Contents

  • Diana Instant Square Camera Classic Edition
  • Diana Flash
  • Flash Color Gels
  • Diana Instant Square Flash Plug
  • Diana Flash Hot-shoe Plug
  • Diana Flash to Hot-shoe Adapter
  • 20 mm Fisheye Lens
  • 38 mm Super-wide Lens
  • 55 mm Wide-angle Lens & Close-up Attachment
  • 75 mm Normal Lens
  • 110 mm Telephoto Lens
  • Splitzer Attachment

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