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Lomography 40.5mm Lens Filter - Yellow

Lomography 40.5mm Lens Filter - Yellow

The most commonly used filter lens, has the most subtle effect and ideal for beginners.

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Lomography 40.5mm Lens Filter - Yellow
For black and white photography, colored filters are used to bring out the different shades of grey and get your desired contrast of your photos.
  • This filter is the most widely used
  • Ideal for beginners since yellow filters can be used in all types of photography
  • Good for separating shades of green, good for photographing plants
  • Landscapes: produces the most subtle effect, darkens sky slightly, balances exposure against darker grounds
  • Portraits: produces warm, natural, flesh tones
  • Lightens: yellow, red, pink, orange, lime green
  • Darkens: blue, violet, purple

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