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The LOMO LC-A Book is stuffed cover to cover with 1,000 awesome Lomographs. It tells you everything you could wish to know about the most legendary Lomographic camera!

25,00 US$
LOMO life book
LOMO life book

384 pages, over 2900 pictures, 138 cameras, 2 books; tons of creativity!

Обычная Цена: 39,00 US$

Специальная цена: 19,50 US$

LC Wide Book
LC Wide Book

Learn more about your favorite wide-angle camera with the LC-Wide Book and get ready to have your socks knocked off by the captivating collection of Lomographs inside.

Обычная Цена: 29,00 US$

Специальная цена: 26,10 US$

Lomo LC A Big Book

Ни в чем себе не отказывай! Это полная книга большого формата о легендарной камере Lomo LC-A.

79,00 US$
'Supersampler Dalek' - Book

Here's a mindblowing 168-page softcover tour de force. Its creator and chief photo editor is Brooklyn-based street-art genius, Dalek.

15,00 US$
Lomo Kikuyu Book

Filled with lomographs taken by the Lomography team as well as doctors and patients from Kikuyu, the Lomo Kikuyu Book is a wonderful addition to your library which also helps a Kenyan doctor improve his skills!

5,00 US$
All about the LC A'   The Lomo Book Japan
All about the LC A' The Lomo Book Japan

All About The LC-A id photo book chock-full of colorful captures split into four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. It also features interviews, tips, shop guide, and other Lomography goodies served fresh from Japan!

Обычная Цена: 20,00 US$

Специальная цена: 5,00 US$

Dont Think Just Shoot' Book

Don’t Think Just Shoot is a beautiful 360-page hardback book packed with over 2,000 colorful Lomographs.

59,00 US$
Through a Womans Lens' Selected Dianalogues Part 1 Book

Through a Woman's Lens is a special 144-paged book celebrating Lomography's collaboration with Paris boutique colette through the lens of female photographers.

14,90 US$
Lomography City Guide Berlin

С текстом на Английском и Немецком языках, Berlin City Guide расскажет вам все тайны немецкого города. На 300 страницах сочной информации вы прочитаете обо всех закоулках, кафе и кулубах в этом мегаполисе.

9,90 US$
Lomography City Guide Vienna

Сойдите с проторенной туристами тропы и откройте для себя неизведанную Вену - с помощью Ломографического Путеводителя по Вене! 256 страниц наполненных 1400 ранее невиданных Ломографий и 244 полезных совета от живущих в Вене Ломографов!

9,90 US$
Lomography City Guide Seoul

This photo book will show you around one of Asia’s most dynamic cities. Discover Seoul’s hidden hangouts with this quirky guide!

9,90 US$
Lomography City Guide London

Think you know everything about London? Get your hands on the Lomography City Guide London and let Lomographers take you on a tour around this city! Packed with colorful analogue shots and detailed information about secret spots around UK’s capital, this travel guide will make you take another look at London!

9,90 US$