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Lomochrome Turquoise 35mm Filmbundel

Lomochrome Turquoise 35mm Filmbundel

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Lomochrome Turquoise 35mm Filmbundel
A flexible film bundle for every lomographer in town is here! You can now avail Two(2) Lomochrome Turquoise 35mm format plus any Lomography 35mm Film of your choice at 15% off!
You can now shoot more with Lomochrome Turquoise and save more at the same time with this film bundle!

Lomochrome Turquoise
Following on from our popular LomoChrome Purple film, LomoChrome Turquoise will bathe your photos in lustrous tones – turning lighter colors into varying shades of blues from aqua to cobalt, transforming greens into deep emerald shades and a crystal clear sea into a golden hue. Whatever you decide to shoot with LomoChrome Turquoise, each shot will be original, enchanting and a product of fantastic experimentation.

We are constantly thinking up and creating new films all in the name of photographic experimentation! Developed in the same way as LomoChrome Purple, our newest film is capable of producing stunning results ;the great thing is that LomoChrome Turquoise is actually a regular color negative film which gives color shifting results without the bother of having to use additional filters – this clever film produces these picture-perfect photos totally naturally.

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Filmsoort Color Negative Film
Exposures 36
Pakket grootte 2