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Color Implosion Surreal CN Film 135/36

Color Implosion Surreal CN Film 135/36

Ontdek de schoonheid van korrelige, grijs tot bruine beelden in kleur!

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A film that is ideal for experimental shoots that can produce random beauty of analogue images.
This kind of film is not recommended for “proper” print film or shoots where you want to get natural colors. This film can give you unexpected color tones grainy images in grainy grey to brownish look.

Please remember not to apply a color correction when printing or scanning this film, so it will surprise you even more! Not sure where to develop it? Try our Lomolab!

Aanvullende Informatie

SKU f136cis
Merk Adox
Ontwikkeling C41 kleurnegatieffilm ontwikkeling
Filmsoort Negatief
ISO 100-400
Exposures 36
Pakket grootte 1
Categoriën Films, 35mm Film, 35mm Kleurenfilm, Kleurenfilm, 35mm Kleurenfilm, Bazaar, Film en Ontwikkeling