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Revolog SnoVlox 100/36 35mm

Revolog SnoVlox 100/36 35mm

Add a winter feel to your photos with this new film from Revolog.

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Whether you’re a fan of special film effects, an experimental type or a winter time shooter, this limited edition film from Revolog will satisfy your craving. The SnoVlox is a black and white special effects film that gives your photos a snowing effect. The different sized dots and sprinkles mimic snowing and transforms seemingly regular frames into winter-themed images.

The Revolog SnoVlox is similar to the Kodak TMax 100 B/W film emulsion and is a very limited edition!

Aanvullende Informatie

SKU f436snovlox
Merk Revolog
Ontwikkeling C41 kleurnegatieffilm ontwikkeling
Filmsoort B&W
ISO 100
Exposures 36
Pakket grootte 1
Categoriën Films, 35mm Film, 35mm Kleurenfilm, Kleurenfilm, Bazaar, Film en Ontwikkeling, Nieuw in de Bazaar