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Lumi Photo Printing Kit

Lumi Photo Printing Kit

Print je eigen designs op je eigen shirts zonder dure zeefdruk apparatuur! Start op 17 november 2014 wereldwijd.

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Lumi Photo Printing Kit
Lumi Photo Printing Kit
Lumi Photo Printing Kit
Lumi Photo Printing Kit
An alternative to screen-printing is here! Minus all the hassle and costly screen printing equipment you can now print your own designs to your shirts or any textile! Play Inkodye with any image, patterns, letters or shapes you wanted to be in your shirts permanently!

The alternative to screen-printing is here. Print your own t-shirts and textiles using the power of sunlight.

Inkodye’s color develops in sunlight making it easier than ever to print your own durable designs on cotton or any natural fabric, without costly screen-printing equipment. Your wardrobe is a blank canvas.

Snap Inkodye packet and spread it onto the fabric. Blot out excess using a paper towel. Create your design using Inkofilm or anything that casts a shadow. Expose to sunlight or bright UV light for 10-20 minutes or until color reaches full saturation. Machine wash using Inkowash to remove unexposed dye. Double your exposure time in overcast weather.

Kit Contains
4x Inkodye Snap Pack (0.95 fl oz/ 28 ml per Snap Pack)
Colors included: 2x Black, 1x Blue, 1x pLum
4x Inkofilm transparency (8.5 in/ 216mm square per film)
Project Board (12x12”)
2x Inkowash Snap Pack
Test Negative
Step-by-step video

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