Horizon Kompakt

Horizon Kompakt

This is powerful panoramic photography like you’ve never experienced. Get ultra-wide panoramic pictures with glowing colors on regular 35 mm film.
  • Achieve stunning panoramics with a mighty point and shoot
  • Bright colors, punchy contrast and spectacular sharpness
  • Two shutter speeds for round-the-clock fun
  • Fuss-free swing lens with fixed aperture & focal length
필름 포맷: 35 mm
초점 거리: 28 mm
Flash: No Flash
사용 가능한 ISO 설정: ISO 조정 없음
다중 노출: 아니오
삼각대 마운트:
케이블 릴리즈: 아니오
배터리: 배터리 필요 없음
SKU: hkp300

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관련 제품

로모그래피 컬러 네거티브 35 mm ISO 400

생기있는 색감과 선명한 사진의 로모그래피 컬러 네거티브 필름. 고운 그레인과 다재다능한 ISO 400 필름.

로모그래피 컬러 네거티브 35 mm ISO 800

눈부신 색상과 놀라운 화질을 만나보세요. 적당한 그레인과 뛰어난 저조도 성능을 원한다면 ISO 800 을 선택하세요.

레이디 그레이 B&W 35 mm ISO 400

고급스럽고 매력적인 흑백 필름으로 정교한 사진을 연출해보세요.

2021 로모크롬 메트로폴리스 35mm ISO 100-400

독특한 포뮬러가 우리의 로모크롬 컬러 네거티브 필름을 구별하게 합니다. 실험적인 새로운 2021년형 로모크롬 메트로폴리스는 강렬한 팝 컬러와 함께 펀치한 대비와 뮤트한 톤이 특징입니다.

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Multi-coated glass lens is just as lovely as it sounds – a multi-element masterpiece that yields eye-popping color, jaw-dropping contrast, and slamming sharpness all around.

Swing-lens technology. Cocking the Horizon’s shutter charges the clockwork mechanics, and touching the shutter release sets the lens into motion. As the lens swings from side to side, a narrow vertical slit between the lens and film rotates along with it – thereby progressively exposing the film as the lens moves.

Dead-easy double exposures. The uncoupled advance and shutter allows you to take double, triple, quadruple (and more!) exposures on the same frame.

No batteries required Everything that the Horizon does is powered by a classic clockwork motor for a fabulously fuss-free, uninterrupted analogue experience.

Uses 35 mm film and there’s loads of that around. Check out our full, unique film range.

Day and night shutter speeds. The day setting shoots at 1/60 second, and works in full sunlight to partial shade. The night setting gives you ½ second – enough to make a softly lit street scene absolutely glow with color.

The fixed f/8 aperture yields excellent depth of field, sharpness and clarity.

The bubble-eye level through the viewfinder allows you to perfectly place the “horizon” of each photograph with pinpoint precision.


Using the standard 35 mm film, this analogue panoramic powerhouse yields a super-wide 58 mm picture, a full view of 120 degrees, with a “barrel effect” that only a swing lens can provide as opposed to most panoramic images that tend to crop the top and the bottom of the picture. A roll of 36 shots can give you 24 spectacular pictures bursting with gorgeous colours, amazing sharpness, and great saturation and contrast.

Package Contents

  • Horizon Kompakt Camera
  • Instruction manual