Lomography Experimental Lens Kit

Lomography Experimental Lens Kit

  • マイクロフォーサーズカメラで使える3種類のレンズ
  • 魚眼、広角、標準の3種類の画角が楽しめます
  • レンズにカラーフィルターを入れて写真に色をつけて楽しむことができます
焦点距離: FE, 12mm & 24mm
フォーカス: マニュアルフォーカスリング
レンズ素材: アクリル
レンズ素材: プラスチック
lens_family: Experimental
SKU: z760



The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit opens up a new, creative photographic domain! This is the first lens kit in the world that lets you shoot real, optical multiple exposure images using digital cameras. This package includes a Fisheye Lens, a Wide-angle Lens and a Standard Lens, all of which feature a filter slot behind the lens so you can experiment with different color filters. This lens kit is compatible with all Micro 4/3 digital cameras.

  • Get Creative: The Lomography Experimental Lens Kit lets you explore various photographic effects with all Micro 4/3 digital cameras. This package comes with 3 lenses: Standard 24 mm, Wide-angle 12 mm and Fisheye.
  • New View: Want to take shots with a natural field of view? Pair your camera with the standard 24 mm lens. Want to shoot amazing landscapes? Go for the wide-angle 12 mm lens. Want to capture spectacular circular images? Use the 160° Fisheye Lens.
  • Mechanical Shutter: The lenses in this kit have a built-in mechanical N/B shutter, which allows you to take long and multiple exposures.
  • Fancy Effects. Shoot with this lens kit and enjoy incredible vignetting and wild color saturation!
  • Filter Party: Behind each lens is a filter slot, giving you more opportunities to create unique images. This lens package comes with a color filter insert and a filter kit.

Package Contents

  • Lomography M4/3 Experimental Fisheye Lens
  • Lomography M4/3 Experimental Wide-angle 12 mm Lens
  • Lomography M4/3 Experimental Standard 24 mm Lens
  • カラーフィルター