Lomo'Instant Automat Glass (Magellan Edition)

Lomo'Instant Automat Glass (Magellan Edition)

  • 細部まで写し出すシャープなレンズ
  • 愛されているインスタントカメラ
  • 直感的で使いやすい実験的な機能
  • 夜でもきれいな写真が撮れます
  • Fujifilm Instax Miniフィルムを使用
Instant Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Mini
Focal Length: 21 mm & Close-up Attachment
Multiple Exposure: はい
Auto Exposure: Advanced Auto Exposure
SKU: li870b



It delivers the best Instax output I’ve seen, and its wide field of view is a great option for capturing landscapes, environmental portraits, and architecture.
— PCMag

World’s first glass lens on an instant camera for bolder, sharper instant masterpieces than ever before. This is the only instant camera on the market with a wide-angle glass lens!

Fun display accessories including photo stands & clips for easy sharing and presentation.

Hold the magic of instant photography in your hands within seconds. Nothing beats a bit of instant photographic gratification – no labs or development required!

Lomography makes the most experimental instant cameras on the market with unlimited ways to shoot you have complete creative freedom.

Impressive wide-angle glass lens equivalent to 21 mm perfect for parties and landscapes. Multicoated for reduced reflection and glare.

In my time with the Automat Glass, I shot plenty of excellent-looking pics with great color and contrast. Even when using Fujifilm’s monochrome film packs, the little Lomo camera kicked butt and produced some striking images.
— Wired

Inspirational shooting tips to get your instant imagination going.

Auto and Bulb shooting modes for both quick snaps and up to 30-second exposures.

Get as close as 10 cm to your subject with the close-up attachment.

Fully automatic aperture, shutter speed and flash so you can let the camera do the work whilst you focus on the action.

Unlimited multiple exposures for luscious Lomographic layering with just one click of a button.

Very large f/4.5 aperture offering excellent low-light performance even without the flash.

Remote control shutter release built-in to the lens cap for effortless selfies and group shots. Use the mirrored shutter button for perfect selfie composition.

Colored gel filters for color splash effects across your frames. Just slip a gel (or two!) in front of the flash and render the rainbow.

Exposure compensation control for minor adjustment at the click of a button. Choose a +1/-1 brightness balance when you want to take the lighting up or down a notch.

Built-in flash which you can easily turn off and on with just one click of a button.

Uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film which is the most affordable and widely available Instax film on the market.

Tripod mount for those slightly wobblier moments.

Super straight-forward zone-focusing so you can choose between 0.3 m, 0.6 m or 1 m–infinity in one easy click-stop motion.

So good it wins awards including Editors’ Choice by PCMag


Giant Magellanは次世代の天体望遠鏡でこれからの宇宙の見方を変えるものと言われています。このような無限の宇宙を遠くまで写し出す天台望遠鏡にインスパイアされ、ロモグラフィー も無限の可能性を秘めるインスタントカメラの世界で新しいインスタントカメラを作り出しました。

Lomo’Instant Automat Glassはフルオートの露出とガラス製の広角レンズで搭載しており、どんな環境でもシャープできれいな写真が撮影できます。絞り、シャッタースピードとフラッシュは全て自動なので、撮影に集中することが出来ます。f/4.5の明るい絞りで夜の撮影でもきれいな写真が撮影できます。もちろん、露出補正機能を使って自分の思い通りの写真を撮ることも可能です。


Package Contents

  • Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Magellan 本体
  • クローズアップレンズ アタッチメント
  • シャッターリモコン機能付きレンズキャップ
  • Splitzer
  • フラッシュ用カラーフィルター
  • シューティングカード
  • フォトスタンドとフォトクリップ