Fujifilm Instax Square Double Pack

Fujifilm Instax Square Double Pack

Speedy, sharp, and super-handy – one Fuji Instax Film Square Double Pack gives you 20 crystal-clear, super square instant snapshots bursting with eye-popping colors.
  • Shoot 20 super square format instant photos
  • Speedy results due to accelerated development system
  • Clear photos with fine grain and bright colors
  • ISO 800 for successful shooting in all lighting conditions
  • Enjoy the iconic 1:1 square format that made instant photography what it is today
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Shoot 20 sweet square shots and capture your memories with this Double Pack of Instax Square film.

Step into square-format photography with Instax Square film and the quirky Lomo’Instant Square Glass camera – the world’s first dual-format instant camera to work with a glass lens, packed with creative features.

Experience the legendary Diana aesthetic of strong, saturated colors and rich, moody vignetting on Instax Square film with the Diana Instant Square.


Capture your memories in rockin’ retro style with this sweet square format film (8.6 cm × 7.2 cm). The Fujifilm Instax Mini Square Double Pack contains 20 super square instant photos with bright colors and outstanding sharpness. Use these handy instant films with our Lomo’Instant Square and Diana Instant Square cameras.

Fujifilm Instax Films

Affordable, widely available and completely reliable – with Fujifilm Instax films you can expect crystal clear shots, a fantastic glossy finish and a format unlike any other. These instant frames are just asking for you to stuff them with your artistic antics! Use them with our Lomo’Instant cameras, Lomo Instant Backs or other Instax compatible cameras, have fun experimenting with different shots then watch your snaps develop in your hands in a matter of seconds. Treasure your instant moments for many years to come and share your photos with friends. You can even try out some crazy experimental techniques like film souping for even more instant fun!

Question & Answers

Which Cameras are Compatible with the Instax Square Film?
The Instax Square film can be used with our Lomo’Instant Square and Diana Instant Square cameras.

Package Contents

  • Fujifilm Instax Square Double Pack 20 Instant Photos