Ilford Obscura 5x4 Pinhole

Ilford Obscura 5x4 Pinhole

4x5 フィルムシートを使用できるユニークなピンホールカメラ!

Ilford Obscura 5x4 Pinhole
Ilford Obscura 5x4 Pinhole

Take your experimental photography in a new direction with the Ilford Obscura 5x4 Pinhole Camera. This unconventional camera gives you a totally different way to experience the analog lifestyle. The focal length allows for wide-angle shots and it works great for landscape and portrait photography alike. If you’re looking for a truly old-school camera, the Ilford Obscura 5x4 Pinhole Camera is a must-try.

Package Includes

  • 10 sheets of 4x5 inch Ilford Delta 100 Professional Film
  • 20 sheets 4x5 inch Ilford Multigrade IV RC paper
  • Exposure Calculator that you can use even without a light meter around
  • Set of stickers, to decorate your camera
  • Instruction booklet, just in case you get lost while shooting
  • 3-tray light-tight sheet film box that you will need for storing exposed sheets


  • designed for 4x5 inch film sheets
  • 87mm Focal Length gives you the ability to capture wide-angle images
  • Magnetic Lock Design to fit your shooting lifestyle
  • Convenient to use for left or right handed users
  • Holds paper in position for a black border and gives you comfort and stability while shooting
  • Chemical Etched 0.3mm Pinhole
  • Tripod Compatible


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ケーブルレリーズソケット なし
バッテリー型 なし
絞り Pinhole
シャッタースピード Manual - Bulb
焦点距離 Pinhole
フィルム巻き上げ なし
フラッシュ接続 None
焦点 なし
フィルムカウンター なし
素材 なし
三脚穴 なし
露出計 なし
ファインダー なし