LomoChrome Turquoise 120 ISO 100–400

LomoChrome Turquoise 120 ISO 100–400

LomoChromeシリーズに復活した新しいターコイズの写りをお楽しみください。現在プレオーダー受付中! 発送は11月を予定しております。
  • 多くの声を受け新製法で復活
  • ISO感度を100-400の間で選ぶことが可能
  • 滑らかな写り
  • 一般的なC-41(カラーネガ)現像で現像処理
  • 見たことのない色の世界
フォーマット: 120
種類: カラーネガフィルム
ISO感度: 100ー400
DXコード: いいえ
現像方法: C-41現像
撮影枚数: 10-16枚撮り (撮影フォーマットにより変わります)
SKU: f1120tq1

配送予定 2022-11 ごろ (プレオーダー)


“Shooting LomoChrome Turquoise is like having a fresh pair of eyes. We can now take a good look around and appreciate everyday objects before they dissolve into the background.”
Ed Choi

Stand out from the crowd. Our LomoChrome films render unmatched, instantly recognizable results – they’re unlike any other film on the market.

Fine grain for crisp details, stunning sharpness and that analogue feel.

Back by popular demand with a brand-new 2021 formula in all formats!

Choose medium format film for professional quality shots boasting even more resolution and detail per frame.

Extended ISO range allowing you to shoot freely and experiment with different lighting conditions.

Also available in 35 mm and 110 formats to enjoy endless experimentation however you choose to shoot.

Easy to develop at your local lab with the standard C-41 color negative processing.

"[…] what really captured my attention was the whole world of color shifts from the Turquoise film. The shift of the shadows to blue with the greens to that amazing emerald is breathtaking […] The sharpness and fine grain of the film is astonishing."
— Photo Thinking

This exciting and experimental film will take you on a trip to the magical forest of mushroom houses where everything is blue or aqua, maybe cobalt, emerald or cyan.

“It has to be said, this film has a special something about it. The color shifts are intense to say the least. Although it’s not something I’d use every day, the results are rather pleasing and lend themselves to plenty of creative possibilities.”
— Emulsive

Every shot is original, enchanting and a product of fantastic experimentation.

"LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100–400 is as fun and amazing as I had hoped even with my mistakes. It has amazing potential both shot regularly or very heavily overexposed as redscale type films, beyond what you would think you’d get out of it."
Robn Kester


多くのロモグラファーに愛されていたLomoChromeファミリーのメンバーが復活しました!数えきれないほどの要望を受け、LomoChrome Turquoiseが新しい製法で復活しました。LomoChrome Turquoiseは撮る世界が青やオレンジに染まるとても実験的なフィルムです。35mm、110、120全てのフォーマットでターコイズ色の世界を体験することができます!また、通常のカラーネガ現像のC-41で現像できるため、手軽に実験的な撮影を楽しむことができます。


Lomography LomoChromeフィルムはとてもユニークなフィルムです。特別な乳剤と製造方法で他には類を見ないとても実験的なフィルムを作り出しました。フィルム写真に全てを捧げてきたロモグラフィーにとって、LomoChromeはとても誇りに思えるフィルムです。



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