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New 55 film - Expired

New 55 film - Expired

Load up your 4x5 shooters with this handmade instant film!

New 55 film - Expired
New 55 film - Expired

There’s a reason why the classics never go out of style, the same goes with black and white shots! Now you can get the same monochrome treatment for your instant snaps. Introducing the New55 Instant Film! Shoot high quality 4x5 instant photos that boast smooth grayscale effects and superb negative scanning and enlarging. This instant film works with the renowned 545 series of holders for instant cameras.

Each box of New55 Film contains 5 packs. Each pack produces one 4x5 positive and negative that users can further fix and wash for better results. The New55 Film calls back memories of peel-away instant snaps – a nostalgic feel for those who got into instant photography during its heyday.


  • Speed: ISO 50
  • Processing time: 2 minutes
  • Film type: panchromatic black and white on 6mm polyester base
  • Release system: release tab and peel
  • Generation 2, width production date code
  • Expiration: 6 months from date code

Note: Film only works with Ilford rapid fixer only.

Informations supplémentaires

SKU f45new55_exp
Marques New 55
Développement Instantané
Type de pellicule B&W
ISO 50
Expositions 5
Taille du packaging 1
catégories Pellicules, Pellicules instantanées, 4x5 Sheet Film, Nouveautés du bazar, Lomography Deals