Fantôme Kino B&W 35 mm ISO 8

Fantôme Kino B&W 35 mm ISO 8

Effortlessly evoke the theatre in your everyday life with this show-stopping black and white cine film.
  • Take your striking high contrast shots up a notch
  • Super-low light sensitivity of ISO 8
  • Panchromatic emulsion with very fine grain
  • Small exposure latitude and high contrast renderings
  • Great for pinhole, striking portraits and gritty street photography
Film Size: 35 mm
Film Type: Black & White Negative
ISO: 8
DX Code: No
Development Process: B&W
Exposures per roll: 36
SKU: f8bw35

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A legendary roll of German cine film reborn for still photography.

This slow speed film appears to be extremely contrasty and dramatic. Its grain is super-fine making it an excellent option for portraits, landscapes or street photography.
— Popular Photography

Very high contrast for dramatic renderings reminiscent of our favorite film noir classics.

A panchromatic emulsion well-suited to the creative use of color filters and different developers.

Super-low ISO 8 perfect for light experiments, pinhole photography, striking portraits and dramatic street shots.

This super-high contrast, low ISO monochrome film is certainly striking. Reminiscent of film noir, the third film in Lomo’s Kino B&W family can render gritty results on the street and dramatic results in the portrait studio.
— PetaPixel

Small exposure latitude for clear inter-tonal shifts and vibrant microcontrast.

Produces distinct results with different development processes.

Extra-fine grain for sharp finish and crisp details.

Easy to develop both in the lab or at home with the standard black and white process.

Lomography Film Guide including development chart, storage instructions and shooting tips to help you achieve great results.

It delivers gorgeous contrast without much grain at all. Plus, the depth of contrast gives extra punch to artistic shots where you want to hide your crimes in the shadow. […] Fantome 8 is ideal for very even light since its high contrast will bring a dull scene to life.
— The Darkroom


Crowds descend upon opulent arenas, floodlit stages prepare to tell tales of love and betrayal, loose-limbed bodies flicker in the footlights as they limber up and anxious stagehands linger backstage – Fantôme Kino B&W Film captures life’s most evocative moments in show-stopping black and white beauty.

Fantôme Kino is the third member of the Lomography B&W Kino Film Family – our very special collection of multiformat monochromes. Inspired by the New German Cinema sweeping through Europe in the 1960s, our Kino Films are extracted from rolls of cine film produced by a legendary German company that has been changing the face of cinema since the early 1900s. Originally used to make moody monochrome movies, their gorgeous black and white tones lend a timeless aesthetic to every shot.

With a very low ISO of 8, Fantôme Kino is perfect for seasoned professionals and experimental first-time photographers alike. Tailored for those who like to take full manual control into
the great outdoors or experiment with flash photography – Fantôme Kino packs a punch with crushed shadows and super-high-contrast renderings.


Black and White film is perfect for self-development at home – check out the Fantôme Kino Film Guide for more information. Ripe for experimentation, Fantôme Kino B&W Film can produce distinct yet equally stunning results with different filters and development processes. Bring out the melodrama in your monochromes and venture into the world of low ISO with this impactful emulsion.

You can use any B&W Film Developer with this film – take a look at our Film Development Guide to see how this film looks with different developers. If the specific developing time you are looking for is not provided then we suggest you use the standard developing time and dilution stated on the developer instructions. Just remember that using the standard developer times is always a bit of an experiment – but hey, that’s half the fun.

Question & Answers

How do I avoid blur when shooting with Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8 film?
As this film has a very slow speed we recommend using a camera and lens with manual settings for better control over your exposures. You should be able to manually adjust the shutter speed of your camera and the aperture of your lens. Using a fast lens (maximum aperture of at least f/1.4 – f/2.8) is also recommended.

Package Contents

  • One roll of Fantôme Kino B&W 35 mm ISO 8 film

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