Develop, Scan & Print Standard Format Film

Develop, Scan & Print Standard Format Film

Get your color negative, black & white or slide film in 35 mm, 120 or 110 formats developed, scanned and printed.
  • From Lomographers, for Lomographers
  • Our passionate film technicians will treat your precious film with care
  • We develop, scan and print your 35 mm, 120 and 110 negatives
  • We can develop color negative, black and white or slide film
  • We can also provide cross-processing services
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The Lomography Film Lab offers development, scans and printing of your precious 35 mm, 120 and 110 Lomographs. Choose standard color negative development (C41), black & white or slide film development (E6) or cross-processing for slide films (C41).

You can also choose to get just scans or get scans and prints – it’s up to you!

How It Works

  • Select the film format
  • Select the needed development process
  • Select if you want prints or not
  • Select the number of developments you need
  • Add to cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Select the LomoLAB Standard Shipping option.
  • We will email you the development codes to mark your films
  • Send your marked films to the Lomography Headquarters Vienna: Lomography – LomoLAB, Kaiserstraße 34/12, 1070 Vienna, Austria
  • We will process & scan your film, send you a link to download the scans and post the photos to your mailbox!


All prints are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy. Here are all film formats and print sizes:

  • 110 Regular: 9×11 cm
  • 110 Square: 9×9 cm
  • 35 mm Regular: 9×13 cm
  • 35 mm Square: 9×9 cm
  • 120 (6×6): 10×10 cm
  • 120 (6×4.5): 10×13 cm
  • 120 (6×7): 10×13 cm
  • 120 (6×9): 10×15 cm
  • Standard Panorama: 9×21 cm
  • Sprocket Rocket Panorama: 9×20 cm

We’re sorry but at the moment this service is only available for EU countries.

Question & Answers

What is Cross-processing?
Cross-processing (also known as “x-pro”) is the procedure of deliberately processing film in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film. As the chemical mixture is optimized for a special kind of film, you will get unpredictable results when combined differently.