Lomographer to Lomographer, get inspired by cool photographers from all around the world and find out how they bring a little Lomography to their lives. From high-end fashion photographers to analogue amateurs, discover the Connoisseurs’ favorite Lomography gear and find out what you should be adding to your camera bags.

Monika Mitterdorfer

Bringing back the magic of analogue, Monika Mitterdorfer, aka agrimony, is a Lomographer from Innsbruck, Austria. Read on to hear her insights, recommendations and more!

Philippe Multeau

Web and print graphic designer Philippe Multeau, aka frenchyfyl, has been a Lomographer since 2011. Have a look at his Connoisseur’s selection for day-to-day film shooting and get as excited as he is about all things analogue!

Sissi Lu

Sissi Lu is a film photographer based in NYC. She focuses on uniting cultural and generational divides by capturing the empathetic nature of humanity through her street and editorial photographs.

Anne-Fleur Sire

French photographer Anne-Fleur Sire specializes in portrait and experimental analogue photography. Her intimate, soft portraits display a profound knowledge of the analogue medium. Read on to find out how she incorporates Lomography gear in her work.

Tony Kemplen

UK-based photographer Tony Kemplen is a long-time Lomographer, who’s mastered the art of mixed doubles and experimentation with color-shifting films and 360° shots!

Simone Savo

Lomographer since 2009, meet Rome-based Simone Savo, aka simonesavo, who is totally passionate about film soups and expired films. Check out his Connoisseur’s selection to help you get started with experimental analogue photography.

Lin Wanchuan

Lomographer Lin Wanchuan from Nanjing, China, is fascinated by the magic of film and uses analogue photography as a means to preserve spontaneous moments and memories with friends in a creative way.