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Standard Development

Standard Development

Leave your 35mm, 110mm or medium format in our expert hands for development, scans and prints.

Standard Development
The Lomography Film Lab offers development and printing of your precious 35mm, 120 and 110 Lomographs. Choose between Color Negative Development, Black & White Development, Slide Film (E-6) and Cross-Processing Development*.

How It Works:

1. Select the type of film development and number of rolls developed that you need.
2. Add to cart and proceed to checkout. Select the LomoLAB Standard Shipping option.
3. We email you development codes for you to mark your film and post to Lomography NYC - LomoLAB, 68 Jay Street,Suite 415; New York City, NY 11201
4. We process your film and post the photos to your mailbox! You will also get your scans sent straight to your email.

*Processing of Slide Film (aka Positive Film or Reversal Film, usually processed in E-6 chemicals) in C-41 (used in processing colour negative film). The result: colour shifts and deep saturation and contrast! Learn all about cross processing (x-pro) in our FAQ.

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