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'Rumble in the Pond' - Fisheye Book

'Rumble in the Pond' - Fisheye Book

The Fisheye book Rumble in the pond is made up of 368 color-bursting pages of 170-degree Fisheye madness. Can you resist it?

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Come full circle with this 368 color-bursting Fisheye homage. The result of a crucial round table: exclusive tips and tricks, Lomographer profiles & interviews, an informative history of Fisheye lenses and goldfish breeding, and several hundred eye-popping barrel-distorted fisheye images of every type x-pro, black and white, colorsplashed, multiple exposed, etc.. This is the definitive compendium of all things Fisheye, its even wrapped in a beautiful fishscale-embossed hardcover binding.

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SKU d550
Languages english
Cover hard cover
Author Lomography