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Revolog 36exp Plexus

Revolog 36exp Plexus

Experiment with your 35mm shots by adding a cool texture—trust the Revolog Plexus to do just that!

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Revolog 36exp Plexus
Revolog 36exp Plexus
Revolog 36exp Plexus
Revolog 36exp Plexus
Feeling experimental? We have the perfect film for you. Load up a roll of Revolog Plexus 200 on your favorite 35mm camera and shoot as you normally would. Your photos will emit a blue pattern that resembles a neural net. It will show on your entire image, but here’s a tip: the effect will be stronger in darker parts.

Additional Information

Brand Revolog
Development C41 Color Negative Processing
Film Type Negative
ISO 200
Exposures 36
Pack Size 1
Categories Films, 35mm Film , 35mm Color Negative, Color Negative Film, 35mm Color Negative, Film and Development, Lomography Deals, Little Treats, Festive Film Deal