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Revolog & Bento Bundle

Revolog & Bento Bundle

Like the crazy unpredictability of Revolog films? Then this deal is for you!

Revolog & Bento Bundle


Buy 5 Revolog films and a Bento film case to keep them safe and you get a 12-exposure roll of Revolog film for free on checkout! Now that’s more bang for your buck!

Package Includes

  • Revolog 36exp 460nm
  • Revolog 36exp 600nm
  • Revolog 36exp Plexus
  • Revolog 36exp Kolor
  • Revolog 36exp Rasp
  • Revolog 12exp Tesla II (FREE ROLL)
  • Bento Film Case
  • Additional Information

    SKU bento_revolog5
    Brand Revolog
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    ISO No
    Exposures No
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