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MC MIR – 20M 3.5/20 lens 

MC MIR – 20M 3.5/20 lens 

Screw this solid yet compact lens on your SLR and see a true wide-angle champion in action.

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MC MIR – 20M 3.5/20 lens 
MC MIR – 20M 3.5/20 lens 
Wide-Angle Heavyweight – The MC Mir – 20M 3.5/20 Lens is perfect for use with SLR cameras with 24x36mm frame format and 45.5mm film distance. It is also equipped with an instant opening diaphragm.

Go Close – The minimum taking distance for this lens is 1.8 cm, so extreme close-ups will never be a problem.

M42 Mount – The M42 screw mount makes this lens compatible with certain Cosina, Mamiya, Pentax, Praktika, Ricoh, Yashica and Zenit models. It can also be used with selected Canon, Minolta, Nikon and Olympus cameras, provided you have an adaptor. Please note that images may be cropped when used with non-full frame DSLRs.

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