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MC APO Telezenitar—2.8/135 Lens 

MC APO Telezenitar—2.8/135 Lens 

This amazing accessory promises high image quality and great rendering and is suitable for use with a number of SLRs.

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Superb Image Quality – The MC APO Telezenitar 2.8/135 Lens is a telephoto lens that guarantees high-quality shots with every click. With remarkable color correction and highlights projection, this lens is sure to deliver one great shot after another.

Picture Perfect – The MC APO Telezenitar 2.8/135 Lens is a must-have for portrait and outdoor photography.

M42 Mount – The M42 screw mount makes this lens compatible with certain Cosina, Mamiya, Pentax, Praktika, Ricoh, Yashica and Zenit models. It can also be used with selected Canon, Minolta, Nikon and Olympus cameras, provided you have an adaptor. Please note that images may be cropped when used with non-full frame DSLRs. An adaptor that can bridge the gap in the flange distance is necessary for using the lens on Nikon cameras.

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