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Lomography X-Pro 16mm Motion Film

Lomography X-Pro 16mm Motion Film

The Lomography X-Pro 16mm Motion Film boasts fine grain and sharp imagery, even in the smallest details. Available in very limited quantities!

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From Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and Todd Haynes’ Carol, to Hollywood heavyweights such as Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams emphasizing the importance of producing movies with Motion Picture Film—the movie industry is seeing a newfound resurgence of 16mm popularity. In 2015, Lomography released their very first 16mm Motion Film: The LomoChrome Purple 16mm. Continuing on the path of 16mm movie making, they are thrilled to now introduce the Lomography X-Pro 16mm Motion Film.

With the new X-Pro 16mm Motion Film, Lomography aims to provide a charismatic and convenient approach to experimental filmmaking. This color reversal Cine-Film—equipped with x-pro capabilities—boasts fine grain and sharp imagery, even in the smallest details, as well as the celebrated natural color reproduction, saturation, and contrast of the 35mm and 120 Lomography slide films.

It’s available in very limited quantities only, so if you’re shooting 16mm film or know someone who does, it’s best to stock up while supplies last!


  • Color Reversal 16mm film
  • 16mm x 30.5m (100 ft)
  • Perforation: One-sided 1R-2994
  • Used with Standard 16 and Super 16 cameras
  • Process: positive E6 / negative C-41 (X-processing)
  • Film is loaded on daylight spool
  • Limited rolls available

If you´re wondering where to develop your precious Lomography X-Pro 16mm Motion Film please check our Development Guide for your Lomochrome Purple 16mm Film

Additional Information

SKU f236xp30
Development E6 Slide Film Process
Film Type Negative
ISO 200
Perforation One-sided 1R-2994
Length 100ft / 30, 5m film
Exposures Mixed
Pack Size 1
Categories Films, Lomography Film, 16mm Film, Winter Wonders