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Petzval 85 Accessories

The New Petzval 85 Art Lens is already capable of shooting exceptionally stunning and unique photos — can you imagine it becoming any more extraordinary? We asked ourselves the same question, and while we know it's hard to make something so great even greater, we found an answer — the New Petzval 85 Filters and Accessory Family! And right now, you can save an exclusive 15% on all of these great accessories until Sunday, December 27th. Simply type the voucher code PETZVALACC15 at the checkout and the discount will appear. Now get out there and maximize your Petzval capabilities!

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Lomography Camera and Lens Pouch

Always on the go? Keep your snap-shooting gear safe and still look super dapper with the Lomography Camera and Lens Pouch.

Special Aperture for Petzval 85mm – 1

Achieve wonderful Bokehs with this Set of special aperture plates for your precious Petzval 85mm Lens.

Filter CPL 58mm

You can use the 58mm CPL (Polarizing) Lens Filter to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass in your Petzval shots!

Filter ND4 58mm

Using the ND filter, you can reduce the amount of light coming into the lens, whilst still keeping the strong Petzval swirly bokeh effect.

Lomography Lens Adapter Canon EOS - E-Mount (NEX)

This Lomography branded adapter makes your Petzval & Daguerreotype Art Lens Canon Mount work on any NEX-Mount Camera!

Lens Adapter EOS - FUJI X

Makes your Petzval & Daguerreotype Art Lens Canon Mount work on any Fuji X-Mount Camera!

Lens Adapter EOS-M4/3

Makes your Petzval & Daguerreotype Art Lens Canon Mount work with any M4/3 mount camera!

Color Filter Yellow 58mm

The most commonly used filter lens, has the most subtle effect and ideal for beginners.

Color Filter Red 58MM

Increase the contrast and turn every blue sky into almost black in your black & white photos

Color Filter Orange 58mm

Make skintones look more healthy and smooth on your photos with this filter for your black and white portraits.

Color Filter Green 58mm

Ideal for landscape photography and can make the green shades stand out in your black and white shots.

Color Filter Blue 58mm

Use this filter as a contrast reducer for your black and white photography.

Super Filter Set

Get all the Filters you need to tickle out the most of your shots and save 20%! 8 Filters with 58mm mount - perfect for your Petzval 85mm Lens!

Lomography's Accessory Keeper

Looking for the convenient way to secure and access your Petzval Waterhouse aperture plates? Do it with style and gather all of them with the Lomography's Accesory Keeper!

New Petzval 85mm Special Aperture Plates – Season 2

Add an extra charming touch to your Petzval photos with this new set of Petzval 85mm Special Aperture Blades!

MC UV filter 58mm

The 58mm MC UV Filter helps protect your New Petzval Lens from scratches and reduces the level of Ultraviolet light which gets through.

Lomography Lens Adapter Nikon F-NEX (E-Mount)

This Lomography branded adapter makes your Petzval & Daguerreotype Art Lens Nikon Mount work on any NEX-Mount Camera!

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