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LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens

LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens

Take your 35mm shots to another level with this super-wide clip-on lens for the Lomo LC-A+ camera.

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Affixed to your LC-A+ camera, this black beauty takes that comfortable 32mm view—and expands it into a 20mm super-wide-angle and full-frame paradise. The LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens has a 120 degree of vision perspective and your images will greatly exceed the limits of human sight. Unlike our Fisheye Adapters, this lens is full frame—extending your picture to its complete rectangular glory. A viewfinder is included to accurately preview your shots. This gorgeous item is crafted of premium metal and 4-element coated glass to transmit all of the power and beauty of your Minitar-1 lens.

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